The Avas Panes Story

Ava was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on December 20, 2017.

Although her Leukemia is considered in Remission, chemotherapy continues for another two and a half years. Ava has endured grueling chemotherapy, with terrible side effects, multiple procedures, transfusions, and hospitalizations. She spent most of the first year hospitalized at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, (CCMC), where she has received the very best of care.  Inspired by Ava, Advanced Window Systems LLC., (AWS), created Ava’s Panes

The owner of AWS, Mark LaVoie, whose daughter is friends with Ava, was inspired by her strength. He realized that his family-owned-and-operated company, AWS, could do something to help children and families like Ava’s. 

So What is Ava’s Panes?

Fancy an old window sash to decorate, embellish and display? Would you like to try your hand at building a greenhouse out of window sashes? Maybe add flowers or paint a landscape on a sash? Reach out to AWS and we will provide you with a window sash to create a work of art. If this project inspires you, we encourage you to donate a small portion to Ava’s GoFundMe to benefit Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. 

How can you help the Ava’s Panes project?

  1. Stop by our office and pick up a sash. These are free and we have a variety of shapes and sizes. If you live a bit far from Cromwell, CT there is a chance that we might be able to deliver it to you.
  2. Talk to your friends!  Would they be willing to come to our auction or make a sash with you?
  3. We will do lots of advertising for our event.  In the past, we have done CT Style, Better Ct, Facebook and GoFundMe.
  4. Host an event! If you belong to a group of artists (I met lots of you at Open Studio Events) you might consider having your own event in addition to ours.  Take a look at what the CT River Artist’s in Essex did!
  5. Create!  Send us photos of your sash!  We love to see them!
  6. Share! We do our very best to give credit to the creators! Your name and web info may appear on our website.

If you’re willing to help, please reach out to us on Ava’s Panes Facebook or donate to the Ava’s Panes GoFundMe! All donations are processed and handled by CCMC.

2019 CT River Artisans Project with Ava’s Panes:

All pieces were sold or donated, and we raised $1,922.00!

Gay Petruzzi-CT River Artist

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Beneficiary Information:

You can donate directly to this GoFundMe without decorating a window sash, or come pick up a window sash; when it sells we ask that you make a donation to this fund. All transactions for works of art are handled directly by the artists themselves, NOT Advanced Window Systems, LLC. All images featured of artwork are for display only. We do not handle and exchange of funds related to the project, we can however put you in contact with the original artists should you be interested in purchasing a piece.

Please contact for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a “sash”?  A sash is the movable part of a window.  It may or may not have grids.
  2. What size is the sash?  We have a variety that you are welcome to choose from.
  3. Does this old paint contain lead?  Maybe.  Houses painted before 1978 may have been painted with a lead based paint.
  4. Is this lead paint dangerous to me?  Not really.  We recommend doing any sanding outside and washing your hands afterwards.  Once you seal the paint inside a new layer of paint you are fine.
  5. Do I have to pay to give?  Nope.  You tell us what you need to get for the sash for your materials.  We will start bidding there. You may recoup your costs. We do ask that anything we bring in over that you donate to Ava’s Panes.
  6. What do you do with the money raised? All funds go through GoFundMe to the director of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to fund a wish list created by Ava.  Her wish list funds comfort items specifically for young adults and teens undergoing cancer treatments.
  7. Who do I contact to participate? Call Trish at Advanced Window Systems, LLC 860-829-8044.
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