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Who is AWS?

Advanced Windows Systems (AWS) is a family-owned home improvement company based in Cromwell and all over Connecticut for well over 40 years. AWS can deliver you the best experience with bath and shower replacement of your Cromwell home with no hassle whatsoever. We can guarantee that we will get you the best of the best shower and bath accessories, exceptional service, and extraordinary customer service and warranty. Since 1978, AWS has been a trendsetter and pioneer in innovation within the industry. With good old ” Made in USA” products and accessories, we will customize your bath and shower to fit 100% to your taste and lasts longer. Our customers have the widest variety for customizing compared to those nationwide brands and for half of the cost. Why wait? pick and the phone and call us at 1-800-CALL-AWS now for an experience of a lifetime that would last a lifetime.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Schedule a free in-home estimate
  2. Build your shower or bath and choose a finance option for your budget
  3. Enjoy our easy one-day installation process and lifetime warranty

AWS assures you can avoid cheap temporary solutions that result in leaks, mold, and mildew and instead enjoy a brand-new bath or shower to finish your bathroom.

Call us at 1-800-CALL- AWS and get the highest-quality showers & baths around. Get a free estimate right in your Cromwell, CT home!

What Types of Bath and Shower Replacement Do We Offer?

Replacement bathtubs for Cromwell, CT home

Replacement Bathtubs for your Cromwell, CT home

With a broad range of features that can be customized, our bathtubs are made with the highest quality material to enhance durability. With a one-day installation process, we can deliver the quality bathtub to you without unreasonable delay. If you are unsure of what type or design would suit your Cromwell, CT home better, our product specialists are here for your service. Our highly experienced specialist will suggest to you the best option money can buy for you.

Replacement Showers for your Cromwell, CT home

We offer luxurious replacement showers for not-so-luxurious prices. Our built-to-last shower replacement that is made with high-quality materials will replace your old and outdated shower to give your bathroom in Cromwell, CT home the modern look it deserves. Once again, if you are indecisive about which replacement to choose, don’t worry. Our Product Specialists are happy to have your back to guide you through the selection process.

Replacement showers for your Cromwell, CT home

Tub To Shower Conversion for your Cromwell, CT home

Are you one of those people that think a bathtub is an old school? Do you think it’s time for a change? We get you. Convert that bathtub to a shower and get a whole new look to your bathroom in Cromwell, CT home. With an array of customizable options, we can convert your bathtub into a luxury shower for an unbelievably cheaper price. All that for within one day and with a lifetime warranty.

Reviews From Our Cromwell, CT Customers

“Excellent installer and the office staff were so helpful”.

Lucia Aguirre- Cromwell- BBB

What Makes Our Replacement Showers & Baths the Best Choice for Your Cromwell, CT Home?

Low, Easy Maintenance

Our bathtubs are designed to be cleaned easily. Non-porous materials which have been used to build the tub will stop growing molds and mildew. in addition, soap, scum, and bacteria also do not develop, making it easier to clean even with a non-harmful chemical. Our wall and base are uniquely coextruded in high-tech polymer and ABS for superior strength and structure, providing a durable bath and a shower to your Cromwell, CT home.


All our baths and showers are custom-made to fit perfectly to every one of our customers so they can have their dream bath and shower 100% without having to compromise. Our “Made in USA” policy makes sure that all of the bathtubs and accessories are built to last with customizable styles, colors, textures, and accessories. With using an app, our product specialist will create a virtual bathtub and shower with your input so you will be able to see what would fit you best for your home in Cromwell, CT.

Unparalleled Warranty

Made with using top quality materials and using cutting-edge technology and machinery, our American-made bathtubs and showers would last you for a generation. Our expert technicians will make sure that your bathtubs and showers are fitted perfectly within one day. The unparallel warranty from AWS has been a game changer in the home improvement industry. We will safeguard and guarantee that money that you spent on your bathtub or shower is an investment. An investment that would make and keep you happy for many years to come for your Cromwell, CT home.

Simply The Best Replacement Showers & Baths for Your Cromwell, CT Home!

If you want the highest quality, Shower & Baths for your Cromwell, CT home, call us immediately at 1-800-CALL-AWS to schedule an in-home estimate!

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