3 Ways to Take Advantage of a Small Yard

3 Ways to Take Advantage of a Small Yard

An enjoyable home exterior doesn’t have to be hindered by a small yard. With focus and attention to the way you use your space, you can enjoy your yard to its fullest.

But how do you go about that?

Today, we’re going through the three major guidelines to keep in mind when designing your small yard.

Keep reading for a better yard.

1. Don’t Let Nature Take Over

It’s easy to let nature get out of control. Without any space to waste, you need to stay on top of the natural elements in your yard to prevent them from taking over.

Ditch the Grass and Go Faux

Real grass is one of those features you assume a residential yard has to have, but what if it didn’t?

Grass can be taxing on the environment—grass is responsible for a third of the water people use in residential spaces.

Plus, real grass lets mud get tracked through your space and requires some sort of landscaping equipment, which only takes up more space.

The advantage of a small yard is that you don’t have much lawn space to cover, making fake grass (also known as “turf”) affordable.

It’ll save water, space, time, and mess.

Limit Plants

A large garden eats up a lot of the ground space where your kids or pets could run or play.

vertical garden

If you love the look of flowers or always had a dream of an edible garden, try potted plants or small raised planters scattered throughout the yard. Or, if you really can’t let go of your dream for a big garden, grow upwards instead with these vertical garden ideas.

2. Use Your Home Exterior to Your Advantage

Don’t forget that you have another tool along with the outdoor space to maximize your yard enjoyment—your home exterior.

Patio Door to Ease the Transition Between Interior and Exterior

What connects your back yard to your home? A worn-out door that doesn’t function well is just going to discourage you from utilizing your yard by creating a harsh divide.

Create more flow between the two areas by getting a patio door that opens smoothly with little effort.

wooden deck

Wooden deck on house with chairs and french doors

When you have a door that’s easy to use, you’re more likely to use it and spend time outside.

Maximize Beauty with Curb Appeal

You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful yard to get a functional one.

Let your house carry the aesthetic by keeping its exterior in good shape. Keep your siding and windows clean and stay on top of projects to increase your curb appeal.

3. Allocate Space Wisely

Separating out and cultivating the way you use this space is key to taking advantage of what you have.

Extend Your Inside Space

Do you wish you could fit more people into your living room to entertain? What about having more space in your kitchen?

Use your yard as an extension for those rooms.

Grab some patio furniture and a fire pit and you have a fun entertaining space.

Put down some concrete and add a grill and table on top and you’ve got an outdoor cooking space.

Little boy playing soccer in the backyard

Separate it into Specific Areas for Specific Purposes

Keep function in mind when creating these areas and make that function clear.

Section off one part that’s dedicated to grilling and eating.

Place a fire pit and chairs in another spot for a “relaxing” zone.

Leave a grassy area for kids and pets to play.

Love What You Have

A small yard has a lot of potential if you use it with clarity and efficiency.

Be mindful of what you put in the space to get the most use out of every square foot.

And if you have any questions about how to use your home exterior to best take advantage of your yard, contact us. We can help you find a patio door that will make you want to use your back yard constantly.


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