4 Steps to Starting Your Home Improvement Project

4 Steps to Starting Your Home Improvement Project

The home improvement industry was 154% larger in revenue than department stores in 2017. So naturally, homeowners are more hesitant about starting their home improvement project than picking out a new comforter.

If you have a hundred projects you want to complete in your home, where do you even start?

With some planning, you can have a smooth home improvement experience.

Painting walls for home improvement project

Here are some tips to get your home improvement projects started:

1.Decide Which Home Improvement Project to Tackle First

No one is 100% satisfied with their home—everyone has a list of things they’d like to improve upon. When you make the decision that you want to improve your home, how do you decide which project to start with?

Think of function over fashion. For example, a project like new siding might not seem as exciting as a re-designed living room, but it will provide your home with much more function while you work on your living room later.

Then, keep your budget in consideration. Do you want to take on small, easy projects first while saving up for larger projects?

Or do you want to finance a larger project and pay it off as you complete smaller projects?

2.Research Home Improvement Companies

If a bad company helps you on your project, that sinks your cost.

Not only will they make the process stressful, but their workmanship and warranties will be shoddy.

Here’s how to find a company you can count on:

  • Check their online reviews—how do their customers feel about them?
  • Look for one with a BBB accreditation that shows, among other things, that they’re honest, transparent, and responsive.
  • Ask around to gauge their reputation. If they’ve been around for a while, chances are that someone you know has used them and can tell you first-hand how they are.
  • Look at their warranties. Will they stand by you once the project is over, or leave you out to dry?

meeting for a home estimate

3.Get Estimates

Many companies offer free in-home estimates to familiarize you with what they offer and provide you with a quote.

This is your chance to feel out companies and see if they’re a good fit for you in customer service, products, and price.

If the representative overstays his welcome or tries to pressure you, count the company out. This representative will likely be one of your main contacts throughout your home improvement project, so you want him to be someone you can trust and feel respects you.

4.Break Up Larger Projects

Let’s say your “to improve” list is rather long, and you want to improve a large area, like the exterior of your home.

Don’t let a large project overwhelm you—just break it into smaller pieces. Instead of thinking of your project as windows, siding, roofing, and doors that all need replacing at once, break it down.

Use the same logic as in Step #1—which area is the worst off? Take the project piece-by-piece so it’s manageable for you.

home exterior project planning

Stop Procrastinating and Take on Your Project!

You’ve been procrastinating your home improvement project forever, so why not just start today?

If you’re looking to replace your home exterior, contact us today for a free in-home estimate! One of our knowledgeable representatives will visit your home and help you plan the home exterior of your dreams.


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