5 Ideas for New Window Treatments

5 Ideas for New Window Treatments

There’s nothing quite like a new window treatment to freshen up a room. Whether your windows are old or you had some replacement windows recently installed, window coverings are the perfect way to bring privacy, function, and style to a space.

Whether you’re a big fan of interior design or a style novice, today we’ll go through some new ideas to bring new life to an old room using your window coverings.

bedroom window

Bedroom window with a garden view in a luxury country house bedroom

Bring in a Little Architecture

Most people think of shutters as something for the exterior of the home, but they can make a beautiful interior window treatment as well.

The small planks of wood can be tilted to let in light while giving you privacy. Or, you can pull them completely open for maximum light and style.

One of the perks of shutters is that they also offer visual interest from the outside looking into your window.

Combine Different Types

Before style, most people want function from their window treatments. Maybe you want privacy, something to block the light completely, or even added energy-efficiency.

You don’t have to choose one function, and you don’t have to sacrifice style. Try combining types of window treatments to achieve the effects you’re looking for.

women looking out window

Happy woman looking out big bright window with curtains and blinds

Let’s say you want added energy-efficiency, but you also want something that looks good.

Cellular shades are a type of shade made with a thin fabric in hexagonal tubes. Basically, if you look at it from the ends you’ll see lines of hexagons, but from the front they look like a pleated shade.

They help save energy by trapping an extra-insulating layer of air inside of their tube-like structure. Plus, they’re easy on the wallet— cellular shades are cheaper than many other options.

Put those on the window itself for energy efficiency and add some traditional drapery to the sides for added style.

Go Big!

Don’t limit your mind to the size of your windows. Do you have a room with small windows that you wish were a lot larger? Use some blinds or drapery to frame it so it looks bigger, or to provide visual interest.

This isn’t a principle that’s far out of the box if you think of houses you’ve seen before. A lot of curtains run all the way from the top of the window to the floor. That creates a line for your eye to follow and makes your ceiling look higher.

Look at the picture below as an example. Although the windows are small, the curtains cover the entire wall, which creates a more visually flattering presentation.

living room window

New Materials for a New Window

You’re already opening your mind to a new window, so why not open up to new window treatment materials, too?

Stray away from fabrics and explore the world of wood. Wood blinds and woven wood shades are a gorgeous addition to any room and can play into natural designs.

Want to feel the relaxation of the forest in your home? Paint your walls green, get some wood blinds, and choose furniture in neutral colors.

If you want to experiment with new textures, woven wood shades are a fantastic first step as well.

kitchen window

White kitchen with wooden countertop, silver sink and big window with blinds

Play with Color

If your room is starting to feel dull, set a new color scheme with a new set of curtains. Drapery with a bold pattern or surprising color can set the stage for the design in the rest of the room.

Take a look at the picture below. The teal and grey stripes in the curtain bring out the teal and neutral tones in the rest of the room.

Similarly, if you choose a neutral set of window treatments, they can blend in with and support the cohesive design of a room.

office windows

Spacious home office with brown furniture, leather sofa, armchair, window and decorative curtains

Combing Style, Function, and Fun

Whether you’re an expert or a newbie to interior design, window treatments are the perfect place to start freshening up a room.

Make choices that combine the style and function you’re looking for, and don’t forget to have fun along the way!

If you want a new window to go along with your new treatments, contact us today. We’re happy to schedule a free, in-home estimate where we can answer your questions.


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