5 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for a Beautiful Home

5 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Interested in increasing your curb appeal but want to keep costs low? Curb appeal projects require too much elbow grease to get done? Worry not, because we’ve got you covered with our 5 simple tips to increase your home’s curb appeal and become the envy of the neighborhood.

Lets get started!

Our 5 Steps Towards a Beautiful Home

1. Upgrade those Mailboxes and House Numbers!

replace your mailbox and make your house numbers more visible and clean.

Mailboxes are an often overlooked part of the home. Essential to your home yet so often forgotten about. You’ve been living in your home for years so you might not have noticed it. Why not give it a makeover?

2. Front Door Makeover!

For better curb appeal, lets spice up that front door! You can do a lot with your front door or you can keep it simple.

Adding a welcome mat, a plant and a seasonal wreathe will increase your homes curb appeal

Buy some potted plants, add a seasonal wreath or even a welcome mat for a more inviting look. Give a warm welcome to any guest with this nice set up. Also, check out this guide on upgrading the front door to your home for more in depth tips on your entry door related needs.

3. Light Fixtures!

Not done with the entry door just yet. Clean up those exterior light fixtures or replace them if you need to.

Clean up or replace those exterior light fixtures for better curb appeal

If you’ve lived in your home for a couple years you may have forgotten about them. They could be loose, rusty or even covered in dead bugs from the summer. Be sure to check on them!

4. Trim Shrubs and Bushes

Beautiful greenery around your home is nice to look at. However, it can get overgrown fairly quick. Make sure to keep up with those shrubs so they don’t lower your curb appeal.

Trim and maintain those shrubs, trees or bushes.

Get some clippers and trim off any extra branches and off shoots for a clean and healthy look for your shrubbery.

5. Clean Your Windows!

Keeping your windows clean may seem like common sense. However, it’s hard to keep them streak free.

keeping those windows clean and streak free

To keep that glass sparkling and clean, check out our guide on how to get streak free windows to increase that desired curb appeal!

We hope you found these curb appeal tips helpful. For more ideas for your home check out more of our blogs at: https://advancedwindowsystems.com/blog


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