5 Steps to Add Value to Your Home

5 Steps to Add Value to Your Home

Want to add value to your home? This guide will help you decide what to upgrade for your home so it increases in value.

Front of tan home with white doors and windows

Replacing Your Windows

Replacing your windows may seem like a simple upgrade but actually, it is one of the most important aspects of upgrading your home. For one, you don’t want your windows to be inefficient which means they are losing heat or cold air. With inefficient windows, you have to spend more money to keep your house warm during the winter or cold during the summer. When replacing your windows, make sure you are purchasing energy-efficient windows that will add the most value to your home.

Additionally having clean and undamaged windows is very important if you want to ever sell your home. Potential buyers like to see that the previous homeowners cared for their homes. A damaged window or a window that is affected by wood rot is something you should definitely replace if you look to sell your home or if you just want more efficient and better quality windows.

Bay Window on brick and stone house

Upgrading Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms if not the most important room in a home to upgrade. Homeowners spend a large amount of their day in the bathroom so it is important that this room is properly updated. There are many important things to upgrade inside the bathroom such as the shower and bathtub. Those are easily the two most important parts to upgrade, then upgrading the bathroom’s toilet, sink, and floor tile would be next on the list. Then repainting your bathroom or adding a backsplash would bring even more added value.

What is great about bathroom replacements is they don’t experience the same wear and tear outdoor appliances do. But they do experience everyday use which can take a toll. Usually, these replacements will last longer than things such as windows and roofs so investing in them means you won’t need to replace them again for quite some time.

Inside of white shower

Roofing Replacement

Having a high-quality roof is very important for a home. Roofs take large amounts of damage over the years from being in the hot sun, going through serious weather events, and getting covered in large amounts of snow. These events take a large toll on the roof of a home and if your roof is not good quality material then you will experience issues with your home. This can include leaking which can rot your wood and cause potential electrical problems. Additionally, a quality roof will also help keep in heat and cold air, similar to energy-efficient windows it will help save you money on heating costs.

If a roofing replacement is done correctly, with quality materials, by a trusted installer company then your roof will last much longer than it ever has before. A roof installed correctly can last well over a decade so be careful when choosing an installer. Make sure you select a trusted company that will do the best job for your home.

White house with slanted roof and white fence

Repainting Your Home/Changing Your Siding

How have you ever heard of the phrase Curb Appeal? Curb Appeal is pretty simple, it means how your home looks from the front curb. Curb appeal is more important than you think. First impressions are everything and if your home looks great from the front, that adds a large amount of value. That is why repainting your home is very important when upgrading your home. Having a nice clean coat of paint with no chipping or damage on a home adds a great value. It does not only look good but it also helps protect your siding from damage. No matter the color of your home having a clean paint job is something people will notice and it leaves a lasting impression.

Repainting your home can also include changing the color of your home. Which is a great idea to give your home a completely new and improved look. While doing this you can also choose to replace the siding of your home. Replacing your vinyl siding can do wonders for your home. For one it can make your home more energy efficient by stopping leaks through your walls that may have existed with your previous siding. New vinyl siding also makes your home look clean and sleek which again helps curb appeal. When getting new replacement vinyl siding get the best quality materials to ensure your siding will last you a long time. This is so you feel safe knowing your home is built with only the best materials available.

Large blue house with white windows and doors

Upgrading the Home’s Landscape

The landscape around the home is not as important as upgrading the home itself. Having a high-quality landscape does add value visually. Ideally, a home with a nice green landscape just compliments a home so well and overall it will brighten the look of your home. If you’re looking to sell your home, show people you care for the landscape as well as the home by having nice green grass that isn’t patchy and has no brown spots or dirt patches.

Other things to add to your home’s landscape could be bushes or trees. If you worry about privacy through a first-floor window then it would be a good idea to add a bush in front of your window. It adds a certain level of privacy while inside and it doesn’t completely block the view of the outside of the property. Not every home has a lot of yard space to work with. However, for homes that do have yard space, a tree would be a great addition. A tree or multiple trees add shade to your yard and it can provide privacy as well depending on the type of tree you select.

Tan house with green grass and two large bushes

Additional Home Design Ideas

If you are looking for more design ideas for your home check out our other blogs at: https://advancedwindowsystems.com/blog

Written by: Dylan Walsh


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