5 Tips for a Guest Friendly Home

5 Tips for a Guest Friendly Home

Having a friendly home makes a visit easier for both you and your guests so that you can focus on fun.

Anytime you have guests staying overnight, it can get overwhelming to feel responsible for their every need. But with these simple tips, you can have a blast and put your guests at ease.

Let’s jump in!

1.Welcoming Entry Door

The first thing your guests experience when arriving at your home is your entry way.

Imagine arriving at a home and being unsure of which door you should walk up to. Then when you figure it out, the walkway is a little perilous and the stoop is poorly lit.

In the shadows, you’re knocking on a door that’s completely worn out, hoping your host hurries to let you in.

That kind of “welcome” is bound to make your guests uncomfortable.

If possible, make sure you have a nice entry door to welcome your guests and a covered overhang so they don’t have to wait in the rain.

At the bare minimum, clear the path to the door of any debris and check that outdoor lighting is functional.

2.No Guest Room? No Problem!

Ideally, you would have a guest room available with a nice bed and plenty of space for your guests’ things.

But that’s not possible for some people.

The main purpose of a guest room is to have clear space allocated for your guests and their belongings. With a little work, you can still achieve that without the extra room by following these guidelines:

Give Them a Comfortable Place to Sleep

Find an air mattress or a memory foam mattress for your couch bed that will keep your guests comfortable and well rested.

Although air mattresses get a bad rap, now there are many self-inflating tall air mattresses that stay inflated throughout the night. Plus, all you have to do to inflate or deflate them is plug them in and flip a switch.

Whatever you choose, try sleeping for a night on your “guest bed” to test for yourself how comfortable it is.

And always help your guest set up the bed before retiring to your own room.

Define a Space for Their Belongings

If you’ve ever visited a friend’s house for a few days without a guest room, you know it feels like your suitcase is always in the way.

Guest with a suitcase

For a friendly home, do your guests a favor and carve out some defined space where they can set their suitcase.

Whether it’s an ottoman pushed in the corner of the living room or a folding table in your laundry room, make sure it’s clear to your guest that it’s a space for them.

It should be in a place that they can access any time of day or night.

3.Window Treatments for a Friendly Home

Although it’s nice to open the curtains to a sunny day, you don’t want the sun waking you up at 5:00am.

Neither do your guests, so you need to pay attention to your window treatments wherever they’ll be sleeping.

Especially if they’re in your living room, make sure that you have something to block the light. It’s ideal if your treatments are adjustable so they can have the option for light if they want it.

While you’re at it, consider getting a window with night locks so they can safely crack the window if they like fresh air while they sleep.

4.Linens and Blankets

Whether your guests are on an air mattress or a nice guest bed, you should provide fresh, clean linens.

The emphasis here is on fresh.

If you haven’t recently washed the sheets, they might feel a little musty or dusty even though they’re “clean.”

Before your guests arrive, give your sheets a wash and be sure to have some spare pillows on hand.

You should also be sure that extra blankets are obviously available so they can grab some extra coverage if they feel a chill in the middle of the night.

5.Accommodating Bathroom

Spend some time preparing your bathroom to create a friendly home before your guests arrive.

Clear off a hook or bar where they can hang their towels to dry.

Do all of your towels look the same? Have your guests write their name on wooden clothes pins and pin them to the towels.

clean house bathroom

Clean a section of counter or another surface so your guests have somewhere to set their toiletries.

These above the toilet storage ideas can help you create more surface space if you’re running short.

Lastly, don’t forget to make sure there’s plentiful toilet paper available. While you’re at it, put out a plunger and some air freshener so your guests feel as comfortable as possible.

Happy Guests, Happy Host

At the end of the day, the happiness of your guests influences your happiness. So, creating a friendly home makes everyone focus on what really matters—the visit.

If you want to replace your doors or windows to make your home more accommodating, contact us today. We’ll answers any questions to make your home a more enjoyable place for all who enter.


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