5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

Connecticut and Massachusetts have some of the highest energy bills in the country So of course, you always want lower energy bills.

But as temperatures creep up in the summer, so does your energy usage.

Air conditioning uses a lot of electricity. How can you stay comfortable without shelling out hundreds of dollars?

Today, we’ll go over five ways you can save energy this summer.

1.Careful Air Conditioning

When it’s hot outside, you might be tempted to increase the air conditioning, but that also increases your energy bills.

With mindfulness, you can give your AC a break and still stay comfortable.

Circulate Air with Fans

Try using fans to circulate the air. That will help to better spread cool air around your home instead of leaving one room freezing while the others are hot.

fan inside bedroom

With the air better circulated, you might find that you don’t need to crank the AC as much.

Leverage Sundown

Keep an eye on the temperature at night, because often temperatures drop once the sun goes down.

When you can, open the windows and use fans to pull in that natural cool air.

Time it Out

There’s no reason to keep your home freezing while you’re not there.

If you have an AC unit with a timer, set it to stay a little warmer during the day.

Alternatively, turn down the AC before you leave and turn it back up once you get home.

2.Upgrade Your Home Exterior for Lower Energy Bills

The products that make up your home exterior go a long way towards your energy efficiency.

Heat leaks through your windows and doors and can also find its way through your siding and roofing. When you’re paying to cool your home, that means money is literally escaping through your walls.

Upgrade your windows, siding, roofing, and doors with a company like us that offers energy efficient products, and you’ll see much lower energy bills.

3.Leverage the Outdoors

The outdoors might seem like your enemy in the summer when you’re trying to save energy, but it can actually help you.

Go Outside

Spending more time outside helps you save energy because you’re not inside to be using it.

Go for a swim, kick a ball around, or just sit on the grass and read a book. That’s time you’re not spending inside with electronics and lights on.

Hang Dry Your Laundry

Running the dryer takes up a lot of energy. Why not let the sun do the work and hang your clothes outside to dry?Replacement Windows in CT

Not only will you save energy, but you’ll get to enjoy the fresh scent of air-dried laundry.

Landscape Shading

Using trees and bushes for shade on your house helps to keep you cooler without spending as much money on air conditioning.

If you don’t have trees in your yard, try planting them as an investment for the future.

4.Use Your Window Treatments

The big secret to lowering your energy bills in the summer is basically to figure out ways to use your air conditioning less.

Keep your shades drawn and blinds closed during the day when you’re not home. That will help to keep the hot sunshine from heating up the space while you’re gone.

5.Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your appliances suck up a lot more energy than you’d think, especially if their old.

While you might not have it in the budget to replace the big consumers, like your fridge or your washing machine, you can always start with the smaller appliances.

Lower Energy Bills with Efficient Dishwasher

If you can’t replace your appliances, you can always unplug the small appliances when you aren’t using them. Even when they’re not actively being used, they are leaking a little bit of power when they’re plugged in.

Starting by replacing your lightbulbs with energy efficient ones is also a great way to start increasing your energy efficiency.

Staying Cool and On-Budget

With a little thought and effort, there’s no reason why you can’t stay cool and on-budget this summer.

It might take a little work to get lower energy bills, but you’ll appreciate it once you see the savings.

If you need help increasing the quality of your home exterior for better energy efficiency, contact us today. We’re happy to answer your questions!


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