7 Types of Roofing Styles

7 Types of Roofing Styles

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. It protects you and your family from rain, wind, snow and ice. There are many types of roofs depending on functionality and style. Any roof style can affect the overall value of the property.

Different Types of Roofing Styles

Gable roof in Hampton CT

Gable Roof

This is one of the most popular roof types because it’s inexpensive to install and simple to build. They are easily recognized by their triangular shape. There are other variations of gable roofs such as the Cross Gable and the Dutch Gable. All of these gable roof variations have two sloped surfaces that meet at the top of a roof to create a triangle. 

Gable roofs are popular in snowy regions because the triangular shape allows rain, snow, and ice to slide right off. However, gable roofs are more susceptible to damage from high winds and storms than other roofing styles. They also require more maintenance. 

Cross Gable Roof

A cross gable roof contains two gable roof sections that are attached at the right angle and are perpendicular to each other. Lengths, pitches, or heights may or may not differ from each other.

Dutch Gable Roof

A Dutch gable roof is a hybrid of a gable roof and a hip roof. It features four sloping sides and is topped with a gable.

Hip roof in Newington CT

Hip Roof

A hip roof is the second most common roof type, right after gable roofs. This type of roof style contains slopes on four sides that come together to make a ridge at the top. Hip roofs are more stable than gable roofs due to its inward slopes that come together on all four sides. They also are a better option in areas with severe storms or hurricanes. However, they are more expensive to build because of their complex design and it requires more building materials.

Gambrel roof in Plantsville CT

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof is a symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side. The upper slope is located at a shallow angle and the lower slope is steeper. This type of roof style is associated with Dutch Colonial homes and barn-style homes. Gambrel roofs offer extra storage or extra living space in the form of an attic or loft.

Mansard roof in Salem CT

Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs are similar to gambrel roofs where it has two slopes on the sides. However, mansard roofs have slopes on four sides of the home. The sloped sides may be flat or curved, but the lower slope is always steeper than the top slope. This type of roof style is associated with French architecture.

Mansard roofs provide the most room for additional living space and allow for easy expansion in case you want to add more stories to the home. A disadvantage to mansard roofs is that they are not ideal for areas that receive heavy snowfall and rainfall.

Pyramid roof in Waterford CT

Pyramid Roof

As the name states, this roofing style is shaped exactly like a pyramid. A pyramid roof is usually used in smaller portions of the home such as a garage, shed, or pool. The pyramid shape gives them an aerodynamic shape, making them ideal for homes in areas with high winds. A disadvantage to pyramid roofs is that the water and snow runoff is not easy due to its slight angles of the roof design.

Saltbox roof in Pomfret CT

Saltbox Roof

A saltbox roof is a gable roof with asymmetrical planes consisting of one long side and one short side. This type of roof design is very popular in New England homes. The name “saltbox roof” comes from the original shape of salt boxes sold in New England.

Generally, one side of the home is one story while the other side can be two to three stories high. A saltbox roof is great for stopping water buildup before it starts and provides better thermal insulation for your home. On the other hand, it leaves little space for an attic if you were looking to expand your interior space. Due to its irregular shape, it is more complicated to work on, which can drive up repair and replacement costs.

Flat roof top

Flat Roof

A flat roof has a little slope so that it drains water, but otherwise would look completely flat from the outside. Due to its flat surface build, a lot of water and snow can build up very quickly. This type of roof style needs different materials to stay watertight. The installation work is simple and easy to access. 

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