Finding the Perfect Alternative for Curtains and Blinds in Your Home

Finding the Perfect Alternative for Curtains and Blinds in Your Home

Perhaps you’re a new homeowner looking for cheap and unique ways to dress your windows. Or maybe you’re looking to refresh your home with a new style. No matter what the reason, there are many alternatives for curtains and blinds that will best suit your unique taste and window type.

What type of treatment suits your window type?

Before deciding on your alternative for curtains and blinds, figuring out what works best for the type of window you have is key. Three different window types that will be focused on in this article are the following:

Floor Length Windows

Floor length windows are wonderful for feeling immersed in the surrounding scenery but can be tricky when trying to find the best alternative to curtains and blinds since you need to accommodate for the whole length of the window. Below are some ideas for window and blind alternatives perfect if you are trying to increase privacy without losing the benefits to floor length windows.

Curtain and Blinds Alternatives for Floor Length Windows

Privacy Screen

Neutral toned privacy screen in modern design bedroom

Adding a privacy screen helps eliminate any unwanted onlookers and adds a modern flare to your space. Privacy screens come in a variety of designs that will match your personal sense of style. Additionally, privacy screens are mobile and have the ability to fold up. You can extend it to the amount of privacy you might want at the moment or you can move it to accentuate a different part of the space. Or if you want the full view of the window, you can just fold it up and move it to the side, making the privacy screen an ideal alternative to curtains and blinds.

Tall Planters

Tall potted plant in front of floor length window

If you’re interested in keeping the natural look floor length windows give you, tall planters or small indoor trees are perfect for curtain and blind alternatives. With the full length scenery and natural light from the windows, adding a tall planter helps accentuate a room with a bohemian or minimalist style, especially if the room has neutral tones or earth tones as part of the color scheme. 

Big Open Windows

Garden window set in kitchen with plants resting on the window sill and glass shelf

Big open windows may not have the length floor length windows do but they still allow in a tremendous amount of light and give a large view of the scenery outside. Big open windows can include the following:

  • Bay and bow windows
  • Picture windows
  • Garden windows
  • Double hung windows

Here are some curtain and blind alternatives for these windows below.

Curtain and Blinds Alternatives for Big Open Windows


A sign resting on top of a storage container in front of a window

Sometimes you don’t want too much added to your window; just enough for the window to not look too bare. Signs are a perfect way to accentuate the window without adding too much. These signs can be made at home, making it both a cheap window covering and adding even more of a personal touch to your home. Signs can either be hung above the window, leaned against it, or placed on top of a storage space in front of the window, adding both privacy and functionality to the space. 

Hanging Plants

A variety of hanging indoor house plants in front of bright windows

If you’re one that is aiming for a Bohemian or naturalistic minimal space, hanging plants are the perfect alternative for curtains and blinds for you! Hanging plants can be attached with either hooks or a rod above the window and with the ability to adjust how low each plant hangs, you can add interesting dynamics and levels to your space. There are plenty of ways to save money and DIY hanging plant holders as well, making it another cheap window covering.


Shelves holding glass dish-ware running along the kitchen wall and in front of the window

Shelves are a great way to create more storage space in your home and add privacy to your windows. Shelves can be installed to the sides of the window or along the wall running across your window. These shelves can also be made from glass, treated or painted wood, or plastic, depending on how much you are willing to spend or the style of your space. What you decide to store or display on your shelves is up to you: plants, decorations, collections, glassware, just about anything! Shelving is a great alternative to curtains and blinds if you’re looking to add a display to your space.

Small Windows

Awning windows partially opened

Smaller windows are often found in basements, stairwells, or are included in a series of larger windows as an accent window. Small windows include:

  • Basement Hopper
  • Awning
  • Trapezoid
  • Octagonal
  • Circle top

Finding the right alternative to curtains and blinds for this type of window will bring more attention to the window and give it a new life. 

Curtain and Blinds Alternative for Small Windows

Stained Glass Film

Stained glass window film on partial circle top window

Perfect for adding a pop of color or texture to your space, stained glass film is ideal for smaller windows. Stained glass is bold yet elegant, making it feel like you’re living within artwork. If you’re living in an older, historic home, stained glass film adds even more of that vintage charm to your home.

Faux Leaded Glass

Faux leaded glass film on picture window

Just like stained glass, faux leaded glass adds an elegant, vintage charm to your home. If you’re not a fan of all the bright colors of stained glass film but like the idea of an easy-to-apply, visually appealing privacy guard, this is the method for you. Faux leaded glass has all the same appeal of stained glass film but with a more simplistic touch, a perfect alternative to curtains and blinds for those looking to keep their space full of neutral colors.

Macrame Hanging

window coverings

A macrame window hanging offers an airy, simplistic feeling to your space. A macrame hanging can be another cheap window covering; if you’re crafty, you can make one yourself! Made from light material, this style is perfect for those looking to lighten up a room or add an interesting texture to their space. This alternative is perfect for craft enthusiasts looking for a new project to take up or those who like decorations that appear homemade. 


There are many different options when choosing the right alternative to curtains and blinds. Finding the right alternative can depend on your window style but most importantly, on you and your style. Many of these alternatives can be mixed up and used with other window types. With some creativity, your home can be freshened up and brought to its maximum unique potential with these curtain and blind alternatives. 

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