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Bay Window Treatment Ideas: Everything You Need to Know

A bay window is a gorgeous feature for any home, but without some type of window treatment, it may feel like you’re on full display for everyone outside to see. With the considerable size of bay windows, there may also come times when the sunlight shining through gets to be too much. This is where bay window treatments come into play.

When it comes to bay window treatments, many homeowners don’t even know where to start. It can get a bit confusing when trying to generate bay window treatment ideas since it’s not just one window you’re stylizing for, it’s three! Add to the fact that two of the windows are at an angle, and you have yourself a challenge.

Today, we’ll discuss the best bay window treatment ideas, how to mount them, as well as how to style them.

Let’s get into it!

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Best Types of Window Treatments

Not every type of window treatment fits well with a bay window because of its unique structure. Since the two operable windows are angled away from the picture window, most bulky treatments will not fit a bay window. The key is to think small and light.


Bay window blinds are one of the most popular bay window treatments. However, when it comes to bay window blinds, stay away from thick, vertical blinds. This type of blind will not work well with a bay window because each section isn’t as deep as a normal window. You will have a difficult time getting thick, vertical blinds to fit your bay window properly.

Horizontal blinds are your best option when it comes to bay window blinds. They are effective in blocking sunlight and also offer lots of privacy. Bay window blinds are very easy to operate and can be raised/lowered depending on your desires. Your best bet when choosing bay window blinds is to purchase ones with slats that are about an inch or smaller because they are better at blocking sunlight.

Bay Window Blinds


Another one of the most popular window treatments for bay windows is shades. The two most common options for bay window shades are cellular shades and roman shades. 

Cellular shades are similar to blinds, but instead of individual slats, they have tubes made of fabric that help with energy efficiency. This type of bay window shade offers more insulation than roman shades, although roman shades can be modified to offer greater insulation as well.

Cellular Shades

Roman shades are the better bet when it comes to wanting bay window shades that are more effective at blocking out light. Roman shades tend to be made of a thicker fabric than cellular shades, which will not only help with cutting out light but will also be more beneficial in eliminating noise.


Generating bay window curtain ideas can be a challenge because they can quickly become too much. You have to be smart about what fabrics you use and where you place them if you want your bay window curtains to be appealing.

We’ll get more into this later.

How to Hang Your Bay Window Treatment

The biggest challenge when putting treatments on a bay window is mounting them. With a normal window, you can mount a curtain rod to the flat wall above the window. A bay window, however, can either protrude from the home and leave little wall space directly above it, or it can sit on a couple of angled walls and form a little nook.

Mounting Inside the Frame

The first way to mount a bay window treatment is within the frame of the window, also known as “interior mounting”.

The challenge with vinyl bay windows is that you can’t drill the brackets of the mounting hardware into the vinyl frame. Vinyl isn’t strong enough to hold up curtains, so trying to mount brackets into the vinyl will result in damage to your window.

For better results, try using a tension rod for light curtains. Alternatively, if you have any wood framing around your vinyl window, you can drill into that.

If you get custom bay window blinds or bay window curtains from a specialized company, they will provide specific directions on how to mount their products, or they might even do it for you.

Mounting Outside the Frame

In the case of bay window curtains, mounting outside the frame may be the best option. When mounting blinds outside the frame, simply follow the directions that come with the product. For curtains, you have a couple of options:

With the first option, you can use a small rod over each section of the bay window. The only issue with this is that if each section is small, the rods may run into each other.

Exterior Curtain Mount

The second option for mounting bay window curtains is to find curtain rods made specifically for bay windows that have flexible joints. This way, you can use one rod to cover all parts of your window.

However, if you prefer a more DIY route, you can make a custom “jointed curtain rod” by using PVC pipe and joints and then spray paint them to look like a curtain rod.

Alternative Treatment Ideas

For homeowners seeking alternative bay window decorating ideas, perhaps one of the following will suit your bay window better.

Function With a Fashionable Twist

While blinds and shades are a great bay window treatment option, some will argue that neither are very attractive.

A valance is a perfect solution. A valance is a piece of fabric that hangs at the top of your window. While it doesn’t offer any function as a window treatment, it can hide your blinds when they’re raised and hide the ugliest part of their hardware when they’re lowered.

Bay Window Valence

Simple Fashion

If you are looking for bay window treatment decorating ideas almost solely for fashion, hang drapery on either side of the wall flanking the window.

Hanging this bay window treatment on either side of the window will provide some nice framing without having to be mounted to the window itself.

Bay Window Drapery

Light Privacy

If you want a little privacy but don’t want to block out the entire window, add a sheer shade on a tension rod to each panel. With this bay window treatment, it is important to keep the fabric light so it will not weigh down the tension rod.

Complete Coverage

If you don’t really care about seeing your bay window from the inside, you can also hang curtains above the window that hangs over it. Mix together sheer and solid fabrics to decrease the amount of light that gets through without completely eliminating it.

Alternating with lighter fabric means you can tie it back when you want to without it being too heavy.

Enhancing Beauty and Function

The simplest thing to remember here is that a bay window treatment should enhance the beauty of your bay window while also offering privacy and light control. 

Whatever you come up with, it doesn’t have to be worthy of an interior design magazine – it just has to work for you.

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UPDATED: November 1st, 2021


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