Best Seasonal Wreath Designs for the Entryway of your New England Home

Wreaths are a beautiful way to brighten up your front door and to show your spirit for every holiday throughout the year. Although, it can be hard to find the right design that fits your front door. Luckily there are many options to select from and this guide will help you make a decision on what works best with the front door of your New England home.  

wreath on front of home

The best way to go about choosing a wreath style is to start with your front door. Some wreaths go better with certain styles of door. Make sure whatever wreath you choose fits the size of your front door. An oversized or undersized wreath will look out of place on the front door of your home. Here are some different options to find the best wreath for the entryway of your New England home.

Best Wreath Design for Wooden Front Door of New England Home

Wooden front doors are a great door to match a wreath with. The beautiful color and patterns make it easy when selecting a wreath. The only thing to take into account is if your door uses dark or light wood.

  1. Dark Wood Door
    • Dark wood goes great with darker colored reefs. Designs such as Christmas wreaths with pine needles and pinecones will work great with dark wood. Also, wreaths with fall colored leaves will fit a dark colored wood very nicely.
  2. Light Wood Door
    • Light colored wood is great because it will work with both light and dark colored wreaths. It makes a homeowner’s job easy when choosing the right wreath for your New England home. Any wreath will work with this door but if you want to match the light shade of the door then wreaths with green foliage or flowers will work very well. Wreaths with light brown colors such as branches or twigs will also fit well on a light wood colored door.

Best Wreath Design for Light Colored Front Door of New England Home

Light-colored front doors make your home seem friendly and casual. These are beautiful doors and they work great with decorative wreaths.

  1. Floral Wreaths
    • Floral wreaths go great with light colored doors, the flowers in the wreath match the lighter shades, giving the entryway of your New England home a very natural look.
  2. Spring and Summer Wreaths
    • Spring and summer wreaths are another design that work great with light colored doors. These wreaths can include flowers like floral wreaths, but they also include other foliage such as grass, leaves, and berries. These bright and colorful wreaths will look amazing on the front door of your New England home.

Best Wreath design for Dark Colored Front Door of New England Home

A dark-colored door gives an impression that the homeowners are strong and in control. To match this style a dark-colored front door will go best with darker-colored wreaths.

  1. Christmas Wreaths
    • Christmas wreaths are a great way to show your holiday spirit on the front of your New England home. They blend very well with darker colored doors which makes them a great selection for this type of door.
  2. Dried Brown Wreaths
    • One idea for wreath designs would be dried wreaths with twigs, pinecones, and acorns. These brown colored wreaths will pair very well with the dark color of the front door on your New England home.
  3. Fall/Autumn Wreaths
    • An additional wreath design that would work well with this style of door would be fall wreaths. The fall colored leaves with additional Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations would work great on your front door.

Best Wreath Design for Glass Front Door of New England Home

When it comes to glass or decorative glass doors, since glass really has no color, it can be matched with the majority of wreaths. However, it is still best to stick with lighter-colored wreaths to match the lighter shades of the door.

  1. White Wreaths
    • Glass doors are great for white colored wreaths like the ones you would use around the Christmas season. The white of the wreath blends well with glass and will fit well during snowy New England weather.
  2. Wreaths with Lights
    • Glass doors are also great for wreaths with lights. White or red LED lights would be a great decoration for the front of a decorative glass door.

Best Wreath Design for Entryway Storm Doors of New England Homes

A storm door is a necessity for most homes in New England to protect your home and front door from harsh weather conditions, especially during the winter months.

  1. Real Wreaths
    • If your New England home has a storm door then your home would work great with a wreath made out of real plants and materials. A storm door is a great way of keeping your wreath protected from the outdoor elements. It makes it much easier to have wreaths made out of real flowers and plants.
  2. Artificial Wreaths
    • An artificial wreath is also a good option, these wreaths are less expensive than a traditional wreath. They also last much longer then a real wreath and with the addition of a storm door they will last for multiple years so they can be used again in the future.

I hope this guide was helpful in finding the perfect wreath for the front of your home. If you want to find more design ideas for your home check out our other blogs at:

Written by: Dylan Walsh


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