What Are Bow and Bay Windows?

What Are Bow and Bay Windows?

Bay and bow windows are similar; however, bay windows were created first. As technology progressed and people started to be more creative with home design, bow windows were developed. Both of these designs originated in England and they were so popular they became some of the most sought designs worldwide.

Bay Windows

These are spaces projecting out of a wall, similarly to bow windows, and form a bay space in the room. In contrast to bow windows, bay windows usually have two double-hung windows on their sides and one larger picture window in the middle. If you would like to have a bay window installed, the existing window has to be pretty wide, similar to the requirements of a bow window.

Bay windows in the CT and Western Massachusetts area.

Their History

Bay windows emerged on mansions of the early English Renaissance. It was employed at the end of halls to bring in natural light and became very popular with the lords of England. This didn’t pass unnoticed in other parts of the world and became a popular design not only in residences and mansions but also in major buildings such as the Chicago School and the Manhattan building in 1890, which displays both polygonal bay windows and bow windows.

History of bay windows.


Aside from being able to fit both skirts and tie-in cosmetics, bay windows can also be fitted with a roof. If the overhang is 10 inches from the bow or there is no overhang, we must install a new roof. We will try to match the shingle color on the house.

Bay Window with Roof.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are designed to create space by projecting past the wall. Additionally, bow windows provide a wider view of the garden or street outside. If you would like to install a brand-new bow window, the existing windows need to be pretty wide; however, the style can vary. Whether the existing window is 3 lite slider or 4 lite casements, bow windows can be an AWSome upgrade for your home!  

Bow Windows in the CT and Western Massachusetts area.

Their History

Bow windows did not became popular until after the creation and implementation of bay windows. More inventions and technological progress in the late 1800’s paved the way for us to be more creative and instead of having a 3-face projected window, more faces were added to the window projection, giving place to the creation of bow windows. White’s Club, in St. James’s Street, London, has a famous bow window.

History of Bow Windows.

Where Are They Found?

Bow windows are mostly found in the front of the house to touch it up. They can be found on any style of home. Bow windows can be made up of casement and double-hung windows.

Best Bow Windows in CT and Western Massachusetts.


Skirts are located at the bottom of a bow window. In most cases, we only install one if there is one already. Skirts are only cosmetic additions and don’t have any effect on the seal or window structure.

Bow Window with Skirts.


On overhangs that are 10 inches or less from the bow, we can tie into the overhang with an aluminum finish; however, the projection of the bow must be less than the overhang, or we won’t be able to seal it.Bow Window with Tie-in.

Both bow and bay windows are great to bring in a great deal of light into the rooms of your home, choosing one depends on the style you prefer and the style that best fits your home. There is no pressure to find the right product because both window types are made with the highest quality craftsmanship in the market, which is designed to withstand the harsh Northeast weather and save you money. Our windows are the most energy-efficient in the industry and you will notice more savings on your energy bills.

Bow Window with Roof.

Studies Show Natural Light is Good for You!

Bow and bay windows offer more natural light because of the glass quantity and the projection they provide. Natural light is great for your health and well-being! Endocrinologists have been studying the effects of sunlight on both the metabolism and skeletal systems of the human body for many years. Vitamin D is one of the many benefits that we get from exposing ourselves more to natural light! According to Dr. Matthias Wacker and Dr. Michael Holick, two endocrinologists at the University of Boston: “Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating calcium and phosphate metabolism for maintenance of metabolic functions and skeletal health.” (Wacker and Holick, 2013). To learn more about the benefits of natural light in your home, click here. If it’s good for you and good for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Natural light is good for you

If you’re looking to get the benefits of natural light in your home and upgrade your windows, please contact us at 1-800-CALL-AWS and schedule your free in-home estimate. Make your home look beautiful while it benefits your health!

Written by: Nicolas Espinosa


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