How to Cat-Proof Windows: Screen Mesh Protection and Repair

How to Cat-Proof Windows: Screen Mesh Protection and Repair

cat scratching window screen meshCharlie is one of the many cats who uses window screen mesh as a scratching post.

All cat owners eventually realize their furry little angel has a destructive streak. Cats ruin our most beloved items without thought or remorse. The home remains a prime target for sabotage as cats spend most of their lives indoors. However, you can cat-proof windows and repair their screen mesh with our helpful tips below!

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How to Cat-Proof Windows

The Feline Motive

To begin, it’s important to understand your cat’s motive for scratching the window screen mesh. Is your cat a frequent visitor of the outdoors? If so, then they might scratch your window to gain your attention so you can let them inside. Your cat might also just scratch your screen mesh for the fun of it. Try getting a scratching post and see if your cat can exercise their claws without tearing the screen mesh. If the scratching post fails, it’s time to use stricter methods.

Obstructing Your Cat

A cat can’t ruin a screen if it can’t climb the window. Try putting some wire on the window to cover up any openings your cat can latch on to. You could also use a tiny pet gate to deter any cat climbing in your area. However, this method comes with a price. Wired and screened-in windows do not look particularly inviting and your home might start to feel like a makeshift prison for both you and your pets.

Cat Training

Positive reinforcement through treats often leads feline to develop newfound respect for their owner. Cats might be fussy, but they, like all of us, love treats. Try giving your cat a treat every time they approach the window without giving the screen a claw-filled high five.

For outdoor cats, reward your cat with treats when they manage to get your attention without scratching at the window. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make a little trail of treats from the outdoors to your door to promote a more civil discourse between you and your cat.

Unfortunately, cats might like treats, but their independence makes them hard to train with a layman’s knowledge of the species. Cats could just accept your treats and never bother to link their reward to window respect. You could seek out a qualified cat trainer, but there are much easier and less expensive ways to stop a cat!

Discouraging Your Cat

If positive reinforcement fails, stricter methods are needed. Try using a spray bottle to deter your cat from scratching at the window. It may seem a little harsh, but it’s harmless and the cat will remember the consequences. Of course, your cat will also remember you sprayed them and may harbor resentment, so think of this method as a last resort.

As you can see, no method is 100% effective or flawless. Cat-proof windows may seem like a good idea, but becomes much harder in practice. Maybe it’s time to accept cats will be cats and focus on the things you can control, like fixing your screen mesh.

Window Screen Repair

Torn screen mesh

When cat-proof windows fail, it’s time to focus on repair. While we recommend you use trained professionals to repair your windows, there are ways to repair screens on your own using household items or specialized kits. These repairs might be cheap, but they come at a price.

The Tape Method

Duct tape provides an easy solution to torn screen mesh. Simply apply the tape to the afflicted area to patch the hole. This fix seems easy, but it comes at the price of a view. That strip of grey duct tape will obscure your vision of a beautiful yard. The solution may be worse than the problem as you will have a reminder of your cat’s audacity with every glance at the screen.

Window Screen Repair Kits

A window screen repair kit also grants a fast solution. But this fix may also result in a headache as many kits of differing quality and colors exist. You now have to worry about choosing a matching screen and the burden of the repair rests solely upon your shoulders. These kits also have varying rates of success, so browse your options with caution. There’s no point in spending money on a faulty kit.

Window Screen Replacement

If you don’t want the look of tape or the inconvenience of choosing the right repair kit, it might be time to replace the window screen altogether. Pop out the old screen, find a new screen which matches your home, and place it in the window. Of course, as stated before, this job is best left to trained professionals in order to reduce the chance of bodily harm or property damage.

Window Repair Warranty

Advanced Window Systems' Window Repair Warranty

When you choose Advanced Window Systems, LLC, you receive a lifetime warranty on all installations. Thanks to this warranty, our customers never have to worry about repairs again! Say goodbye to fearing the wrath of your cat. Our service department will provide repairs to our customers torn screen mesh free of charge.

Let’s face it, cats may be cute, but they leave a trail of chaos with every step of their paws. Cat-proof windows and self mesh repair yield mixed results. Place your windows in the hands of the trusted team at Advanced Window Systems to ensure a grade A repair. At the end of the day, leaving your home to the care of trained professionals takes away the stress and confusion of self-remodeling and the possible guilt or personal injury stemming from a botched job. At Advanced Window Systems we guarantee quality and professionalism with every repair.

Have any other questions about window maintenance? Advanced Window Systems, LLC is happy to help. Contact us at 1-800-CALL-AWS to schedule a free in-home estimate today. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter too!

Written by Alex Buonocore


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