Celebrate Fall with Your Front Door Decorations

Celebrate Fall with Your Front Door Decorations

The leaves are changing, the air is chilling, and pumpkins are popping up everywhere from our lattes to our stoops, which means it’s time to take a look at your front door decorations.

The front door is an easy area to decorate that makes your whole home look festive.

Today, we’ll get into some ideas you can use for your front door décor this fall.


The easiest front door decorations for any time of year are wreaths. Put a wreath of colorful leaves on your door, and it instantly screams fall.

leaf wreath hung at the door

You could also pick up a wreath with little pumpkins or apples on it to channel that fall spirit. Or, if you’re feeling really crafty, DIY your own wreath.

Full Display

If your entry door is too gorgeous to imagine putting a wreath over it, try creating a display around it instead.

leaves around front door

Yard of country house with tiling roof, blue wooden walls, white door, decorated with autumn leaves and flowers. Slipping cat on the white bench.

Here are some ideas for items you can mix and match around your door:

  • Basket or outdoor vase of sunflowers
  • Mums (bonus points for a display of different colored plants)
  • Ears of dried corn
  • Scarecrow
  • Leaves—Strings of leaves, baskets of leaves, branches with leaves, etc.
  • Pumpkins and other gourds
  • Basket of apples

Holiday-Specific Front Door Decorations

If you have enough energy to change up your decorations for the holidays of fall, you can have some fun. Here are a few ideas for each holiday.


All about spookiness and monsters, don’t shy away from orange and black, and even purple and green, in these decorations.

Add “creepy” elements, like a plastic skeleton or fake cob webs. Just remember not to be too scary if a lot of little kids visit your home, and leave space for trick or treaters to wait on the front step.


When it comes to front door decorations, Thanksgiving is the most versatile holiday. Stick to the basics we went over before, focusing on the “food” elements like pumpkins and corn.

Try adding a wood sign that says “Welcome,” “Grateful,” or “Family.”

Day of the Dead

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is multi-day holiday to display love and respect for deceased family members in a lively celebration.

day of the dead wreath hanging on a door

Instead of the oranges and reds usually associated with “autumn” décor, focus on the bright pinks, greens, blues, and yellows associated with Day of the Dead celebrations.

Add sugar skulls and bright flowers to enjoy the livelier side of autumn holiday decorations.

Everyone’s Favorite Gourds

When in doubt for basic fall decorations, grab a pumpkin or two. Mixing sizes and colors of pumpkins is an easy way to dress up your stoop for fall.

Find a few cheap ones from your grocery store’s produce section, or have a fun family day at the pumpkin patch.

pumpkins on the front steps

A plain pumpkin is perfect for any time of fall. For an involved Halloween activity, you could carve them into jack-o-lanterns too.

Or, for a way to dress them up that doesn’t involve knives, grab some paint and brush on funny faces or fall scenes.

The possibilities are endless!

Happy Fall!

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year, and we love to express that through decorations.

But decorations only offer so much distraction from an entry door past its prime.

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