Creating a Summer “Kid Zone” with the Right Replacement Windows

Creating a Summer “Kid Zone” with the Right Replacement Windows

It’s summer time, and while you’re occupied with projects like new replacement windows, your kids are out of school. While more family time is fun, this also means a lot more time in the day that your kids need entertainment. In the heat and sun, you have to chase them down with sunblock and water to keep them healthy. But you don’t want them to run amuck in your house. Why not create a specialized “kid zone” inside to keep them entertained and contained?

Let’s go over how to do this in a way that’s fun and safe for your kids and your home!

childs playroom

Yellow phone on pink round table in scandi child’s playroom interior with mockup and poster on the wall

Picking and Prepping the Area

Replacement Windows to Keep Your Zone Safe

When choosing the room or area you want to designate as your “kid zone,” keep in mind the surrounding environment.

You might want to open or crack the windows so your kids can enjoy some outside air.

Children falling through an open window is a common danger in the US, but you can protect your kids with the right replacement windows.

Double hung windows from AWS keep your kids safe in a couple ways.

Replacement Windows for Kid Zone

The frame has locks that can be engaged to prevent the bottom half from opening more than a few inches. That way, you can leave the bottom half cracked without worrying about your kids or anyone else being able to open it all the way.

The top half of a double hung window can also be opened. So, if you want to open the window more than a few inches, open the top half, where your kids can’t reach.


In whatever area you choose, you want to protect your kids and your floor. Kids might fall and get hurt on hard flooring like wood or tile, and they can easily damage carpet.

Try foam flooring. You can buy it in cheap squares that you can easily fit together to cover the area.

It’s safe for your kids and can come in anything from bright colors to a wood-grain pattern depending on the look of your room.

Plus, if an area gets damaged, it’s easy to swap out that piece with a new one instead of having to replace an entire floor.

When your kids outgrow their play zone, your flooring underneath will be in perfect condition.

Filling Up the Space

Here are a few ideas for what to put in your “kid zone.”

At-Home Ball Pit

An at-home ball pit is an easy, fun way for your kids to burn off some energy inside. All that you need to assemble yours is an inflatable kiddie pool and some plastic balls.

ball pit

Interracial Group of girls, blond and African American children having fun laughing playing colorful plastic balls in a ball pit

Choose a pool with high enough sides to contain the balls, but low enough for your kids to climb in and out of on their own.

Then all you have to do is inflate the pool and fill it with balls! If you have enough space, you can even add a small slide for extra fun!

Reading Area

You want your kids to stay on top of their reading over the summer, but they’re not going to do it if they don’t have a comfy place to settle in.

Set up a reading nook in their room complete with comfy places to sit, like bean bags, pillows, or even a hammock. Bolt a bookshelf to the wall (to prevent tipping) or get some bins to stock with age-appropriate reading materials.

Inspire Creativity

Bring in a small table and create an area where they can do arts and crafts. Dedicate another wall of the room to be an “art gallery” where they can display their creations.

chalkboard wall

For creativity on a larger scale grab a can of chalkboard or whiteboard paint. This will allow your kids to doodle on the wall and erase it when it’s time for a new masterpiece.

Leave Room for Fun

Don’t think you necessarily have to stuff the room with activities to keep your kids occupied.

Sometimes all they need is a designated, open space where they’re allowed to run around or even play with a ball indoors.

Preparing for Damage

Let’s be honest—kids aren’t exactly easy on property. So, wherever you give them a dedicated space to be free and have fun, you need to be prepared to handle accidents and messes.

Keep a couple magic erasers on hand to wipe away stray marker or crayon strokes that hit your walls or other furniture.

Have an extra square or two of foam flooring around to replace any that get damaged.

Make sure you have a window warranty like ours that covers glass breakage. If your child accidentally throws a ball through a window you got from us, we’ll be there to fix it.

Fun with Peace of Mind

Summertime should be about having the peace of mind to have fun.

Whether you just want an area where your kids can have fun or want replacement windows that keep your kids safe, turn to a company that makes taking care of your home easy.

Contact us, and we’ll help improve your quality of life at home.


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