Do I Need Blackout Curtains? Yes, Actually.

Do I Need Blackout Curtains? Yes, Actually.

Perhaps one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make: What kind of curtains should I be using? While the average, everyday curtain can work wonders in the home, there is another type of curtain offers what the standard can do and then some. Known as Blackout Curtains, they are useful, and a fantastic purchase to make.

Blackout curtains displayed in living room in front of table.

The benefits provided by Blackout Curtain when installed are worth considering. This blog is here to showcase what makes them so special and why, yes, you actually need one.

What is a Blackout Curtain, and How Do Blackout Curtains Work?

A Blackout Curtain is a type of curtain that blocks up to 99% of sunlight. But how does it work? Constructed differently from normal curtains, they’re made from either strictly polyester or a polyester/cotton hybrid. The curtain is then layered with black foam multiple times. This procedure not only helps with preventing the sunlight from coming in, as well as a few other benefits mentioned later, but also gives a distinct weight to the curtain itself. Which means these types of curtains won’t flow when the wind blows, preventing light from sneaking its way in.

Blackout curtains in home.

Where Should I Put Blackout Curtains?

Where you want to put your Blackout Curtain is up to you, but the best place is your bedroom. For reasons later discussed in this blog, Blackout Curtains offer an excellent benefit in the bedroom over that of your living room or office, but they can certainly work in places other than the bedroom. And just like other curtains, select styles can be chosen to best suit the needs and tastes of each person and home. Such as:

  • Grommet Blackout Curtains
  • Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains
  • Tab Top Blackout Curtains
  • Pinch Pleats Blackout Curtains

All of these styles are universal options as well as blackout blinders for places where curtains aren’t exactly the right fit.

Blackout blinders that are covering two-thirds of a window.

There are also other colors beside the typical black.

  • White Blackout Curtains
  • Red Blackout Curtains
  • Navy Blackout Curtains
  • Green Blackout Curtains
  • Floral Blackout Curtains

If you want to have a Blackout Curtain, but want to have something that gives more spice to your room, the color options are there without having to sacrifice the benefits.

Can Blackout Curtains Improve Sleep?

Why yes, Blackout Curtains are useful because they can improve your sleep. In order to help someone sleep and stay asleep, you should be sleeping in absolute darkness. But if light bleeds in from a street lamp or from passing cars, that’ll disturb your sleep. And the longer it takes for you to fall asleep, or every time you wake up, you’ll try to return to deep sleep, resulting in waking up fatigued or even late.

Blackout curtains covering most of a bedroom's window.

This is where Blackout Curtains solve that problem. Once the placed over every window in your bedroom, they’ll block 99% of sunlight, which will let you achieve near total darkness, allowing to be undisturbed by any rogue light in the night. But that’s not all, due to the thick nature of the curtains, they offer a minor noise reduction. If you’re a light sleeper, this is something to consider. Even sleepers in the middle of the day can benefit. Blackout Curtains are designed to keep the light out, no matter the time of day, so an afternoon can become as dark as night with these curtains.

Do Blackout Curtains Keep the Heat Out?

Blackout Curtains do keep the heat out in the summer and even keep the heat inside during the winter. Windows are the best place for sunlight to enter your house, resulting in a warmer home. Because Blackout Curtains can then block out this sunlight along with the UV rays, the room to stays cooler. In the winter, heat will escape from your windows, but because Blackout Curtains are thick, the heat from will have a harder time slipping out, resulting in a warmer home. Thanks to these curtains, the 10-25% of energy that escapes from your windows can be salvaged, saving money on your next energy bill.

Woman opening up curtains to let the light in.

Do I Purchase or DiY?

Whether to purchase Blackout Curtains or DiY Blackout Curtains, it really comes down to personal preference. Blackout Curtains can be a bit expensive, especially if you want them to cover multiple windows or need a specific type of curtain, and DiY can alleviate some of that cost. But making curtains from scratch, especially those meant to block out 99% of sunlight, can be an advance project. A project that requires many materials, a dexterous hand, and possible additional equipment to get the best results (e.g. a sewing machine). And while it might seem to go for the cheapest option for these types of curtains, the quality will suffer. For something that offers such a myriad of pros to a home, this isn’t something you want to cheap out on. Always do additional research to find out which option is best for you and your budget.

Blackout curtains covering a sliding glass door that leads out to a patio.

Are These Curtains Right For Me?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, also yes. From better sleep, stylish looks, to even saving you money on your energy bill, Blackout Curtains are not only useful, but well worth the investment. Curtains no longer have to be just window dressing, they can be something that positively impacts your every day life. So what are you waiting for? Start looking at Blackout Curtains today and get that better sleep, get that lower energy bill and get that new, stylish look for your home.


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