Exterior and Front Doors for your Style Home

What is the best door for your style of home?

Complimenting your home with an entry way is very important. The entry door is the first impression visitors have of your home!

The door to your home is one of the most important elements of your home because it is a barrier between you and the outside world. It protects you and speaks to your style and helps provide the aesthetic of the home. We will be focusing on three unique types of home, to help you determine the best front door style for your home.

They are:

Each home style has unique characteristics, that define the aesthetic of the home. These characteristics are what set each home apart.

American Craftsman Style Home

The American craftsman style was born around the fall of the Victorian era in the 1860’s. The craftsman style was inspired by the British Arts and Crafts Movement.

An American Craftsman style home


The simplicity and intelligence of the Craftsman style incorporates a sturdy structure with natural materials; wood, glass and metalwork are artistically combined to form a simple yet elegant design that gives a nature vibe.

The American Craftsman characteristics

  • Low pitched roof lines, usually done in a hip or gable (triangular) style
  • Occasional wide, overhanging eaves
  • A covered front porch
  • Pillars lining the entry
  • Double hung windows
  • Single, protruding dormers

Doors for the American Craftsman style:

The doors for the craftsman home are true the nature of the home, they are usually made with the natural elements of wood and stained to satisfaction of the owner. The traditional elements are featured throughout the home, this is to keep the nature aspect of the overall home structure. Some owners may include a panel of glass to add a nice touch to compliment the home.

Wooden Doors with Fiber Glass Storm Door Wooden Doors with Fiber Glass Storm Door

Wooden Doors with Sidelites and Mesh Storm Door

Wooden Door with Sidelites and Mesh Storm Door

American Colonial Style

The Colonial style evolved from European influences. “American colonial homes date back to the 1600’s, originating during the colonial period of United States”, this according to elledecor.com written by Lucia Tonelli.An American Colonial StyleAmerican Colonial Style Home

It influenced building architecture into the 19th century, colonial styles give a formal feel in comparison to the Craftsman style which gives a nature/ natural feel. The appeal of the colonial style home is the grand entrance, the symmetry and as well as having 2 to 3 stories.

The American Colonial Home characteristics  

  • Square or rectangle shape, with the door located in the center and the same number of windows reflected on either side.
  • High-peaked roof
  • Central or end chimneys
  • Pillars, dormer windows and brick detailing (mostly in later period homes)

Doors for the American Colonial style:

The doors on the American colonial homes vary, they can look traditional like the craftsman home or the modern style home. They incorporate the flare of bright colors to offset the style of the home. Usually, this would copy the windows; if the windows are white the door may also be white.Wooden French Door with Decorative Glass Wooden French Double Door with Decorative Glass

Wooden Door with Double Sidelites and Transom

Wooden Door with Double Sidelites

Modern/ Contemporary Style

Modern/ Contemporary homes has a very sophisticated, customized homes. Contemporary is forever changing; this means what is contemporary now won’t be the same in 10-20 years.

A Modern / Contemporary style home

A Modern / Contemporary Style Home

The first introduction of this style was in the 50’s, but became popular in the 60’s and 70’s. This style of home incorporates natural elements as well as other elements such as shapes to give it a unique style to make it unique for the owners liking.

The Modern/ Contemporary characteristics

  • An irregular, Asymmetrical footprint and floor plan
  • Exaggerated roof lines and slopes
  • Mix of building materials (glass, wood, stones)
  • Custom built to client specifications
  • Each home is unique to its environment
  • Irregular colors  
  • Strong emphasis on geometric shapes

Doors for the Modern / Contemporary style:

The doors on the modern/ contemporary homes tend to be on the dramatic side. They incorporate the same unique designs of the home. The door can include glass as well as other elements that help to create the overall uniqueness of the home.

Wooden Door with Decorative Glass Sidelite

Wooden Door with Sidelite

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