Natural Light with New Windows

Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Light with New Windows

If you’re tired, grumpy, and unproductive, new windows or spending time outdoors can help. Exposure to natural light can improve both your psychological and physical health, as well as providing financial benefits in the home.

If you like to stay inside, don’t worry. You don’t have to spend hours outdoors to reap the benefits of natural light.

With the right windows in your home and workplace, you can be exposed to light with little effort.

Keep reading to find out how natural light can benefit you, and how you can get more!

Better Sleep

Your body has a natural rhythm that tells it when to sleep and when to be awake, called circadian rhythms. With all the artificial lights and electronic devices you encounter on a daily basis, it’s not hard for your circadian rhythm to get knocked off track.

Scientists have found that getting sunlight in the morning helps improve your sleep by getting your circadian rhythm back on track.

About half an hour of natural light in the morning signals your body that it’s time to be awake. That starts the natural cycle of your circadian rhythm.

While you’re getting dressed, open up those curtains. Or give yourself a mental break by enjoying your coffee by a window instead of chugging it on your commute.

Improved Mood and Productivity

Studies have shown that employees with more exposure to natural light are more productive at work. This again is due to the circadian rhythm.

employees working productively under natural lightWith more natural light throughout the day, your mind and body are triggered to know it’s time to be awake and productive. Your energy levels are more stable throughout the day, keeping you focused.

If you’re in an interior office with no windows, try taking short breaks to walk outside or through naturally lit areas of the office.

Natural light also triggers the production of serotonin, the brain chemical that makes you feel happy. So, your mood also gets a boost.

Energy Savings

If your home is dark, you’re likely using hours of artificial light to brighten it up. More natural light in your home cuts down on the amount of time you need your artificial lights to be on.

Try opening your curtains more often during light hours instead of flipping the light switch.

Over time, that will help your home’s energy bill decrease. That’s sure to offer another boost in your mood.

New Windows for More Natural Light

But how can you get more natural light in your home? New windows could help.

Replacing a row of double hung or casement windows with a bay or bow allows a lot more light to flood into your home.

If you work from home, make sure you’re working in a room with natural light so you can take advantage of productivity boosts.

Sunshine for Sleep and Smiles

For an easy way to improve your quality of life, just head outside or hang out near a window for a little while each day.

Natural light gets your body’s natural rhythms in order in a world that’s largely artificial.

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