What kind of door will enhance my New England home?

What Kind of Door will Enhance my New England Home?

An often-overlooked part of the home believe or not is the front door. What may seem like a trivial choice is actually an integral part of the look and style of your home. The difference between a shabby looking home and a refined one lies in the quality of your front door. Never underestimate the importance of the entry door because it’s the face of your home. That first impression of the outside gives the rest of your neighborhood insight on your tastes and lifestyle. So, let’s get that luxury door and enhance your normal home into a modern nest of luxury.

Smooth 24 gauge black colored steel door.

To get that luxury feel on the outside of your home first we must consider what type of door it will be. Many combinations are available to give you that modern chic look that you desire.

Reinforced Fiberglass or Steel?

Entry doors mainly come in two different materials either reinforced fiberglass or steel. Depending on the look you’re going for the choice between fiberglass and steel is an important one. Both doors offer resilience against weather and are durable in their own ways but have key differences that set them apart.

Fiberglass doors   

Reinforced fiberglass is the preferred option of obtaining a woodgrain style without using actual wood since wood is a material that can be damaged easily whereas reinforced fiberglass is a lot more durable. There are many woodgrain styles such as cherry, knotty alder, oak, and mahogany available in a variety of colors. They can be painted or stained which can give the entry door a unique look further enhancing that luxury style that you’re looking for.

Mahogany front door with decorative sidelights.

Reinforced fiberglass doors are the most energy-efficient and performs better at preventing air from escaping within your home. They also do not suffer damage against weather or is susceptible to rusting however if struck with enough force it can be dented or cracked.

Steel doors

Steel doors are available in many different variations. You can choose to stick to the simple smooth and modern look or you can have them painted to mimic the look of wood.

Steel also performs greatly against the weather but if not properly cared for can be scratched, dented, and even rusted. Most damages to steel doors must be repainted right away to prevent the possibility of rusting.

20 guage steel door with sidelights

A huge difference between steel doors and fiberglass doors is that with steel you will mostly have to choose between a 20 or a 24 gauge door. This is to determine the thickness of the steel used for the door with 20 gauge being on the thicker side. A thicker door will offer more protection than a thinner one and if properly cared for can last longer in terms of general wear and tear.

Should you get a Sidelight?

To answer this question, first, we must look at what a sidelight is. A sidelight is a vertical piece of glass on the side of an entry door that allows more natural light to enter your home. Depending on the style that you’re going for a sidelight could prove to add an elegant element to the outside of your home.

A red mahogany stained fiberglass door with privacy sidelights. An example of a red mahogany stained fiberglass door with sidelights.

A 24 gauge steel door with sidelights.An example of a 24 gauge steel door with sidelights.

Decorative Glass or Privacy Glass?

If the see-through sidelights are a little too plain for your tastes, there’s another option you can consider. Adding decorative or privacy glass can be just the thing you need to get that luxury feel to your home.

Decorative glass may be an option for you if you live more on the extravagant side of life. Without looking like a 17th-century church (unless you like that sort of thing). Here are some designs that match well with both fiberglass and steel doors respectively.

Decorative glass on fiberglass front door.Example of decorative glass on a reinforced fiberglass front door.

Decorative glass on a steel door Example of decorative glass on a steel door

Privacy glass could be an option as well for those who want glass so that light can enter the home but would also like to keep a sense of mystery and privacy as well.

How about a Storm Door?

New England is an area that is subject to all types of weather. It may be beneficial to add a storm door on the outside for extra protection. The key to a nice-looking storm door that won’t detract from your luxury home is to keep it simple. Make sure to pick a color and design that matches the aesthetic of not only your home but your front door.

An example of a storm door in front of a 20 gauge steel door. An example of a storm door

Let’s talk about Hardware!

The last thing I wanted to cover is another overlooked portion of the entry door and that is its hardware. The door handle, the type of lock used, its color, and its style. The handle and the lockset are the finishing touches, the cherry on top. This small detail can elevate your door from being just nice to something elegant.

Here are some examples of possible hardware and handles:

A melrose style handle and lockset A melrose style handle and lockset.

An imperial style handle and lockset. An imperial-style handle and lockset.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination when coming up with the perfect door combination. The most important aspect of this process is that this is your vision and we want you to be happy with your choice. I hope this helped you at the very least get a better vision of what to do with your front door. Interested in replacing your entry door? Give us a call at 1-800-AWS for a free in-home estimate!


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