Exterior Door Types

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Exterior Door Types

Homeowners may replace their exterior doors for a number of reasons. Whether the motivation is to increase the energy efficiency of a home, add curb appeal, fix an older door, or update to a different style, a new replacement door offers many advantages. The type of material chosen for an exterior door will make a difference in terms of advantages and disadvantages. The three most common exterior door types today are fiberglass, wood, and steel. Each material varies in cost, maintenance, appearance, energy efficiency and more. The final decision on which exterior door type is best, will depend on the homeowner’s individual needs.


Wood doors are often the choice for high end homes, as they are typically grand in appearance and are much heavier in weight. Wood doors are certainly beautiful and generally more traditional in style. Scratches can be easily repaired and they offer a warm feel and touch. Typically wood doors are constructed with frames and panels to help minimize the effects from the climate. The disadvantages of wood doors include a high cost and high level of maintenance required. Wood doors can also peel, warp, twist, absorb moisture and they are not very energy efficient.


Homeowners may opt for a steel door due to its added security compared to wood or fiberglass doors. Steel doors are less costly than wood doors and due to their insulation properties, they are energy efficient. Steel doors won’t crack or bow so they are also easier to maintain than wood doors. The disadvantages to steel doors include, chipped paint, scratches that can rust, they can be easily dented and conduct hot or cold temperatures.


Fiberglass doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners deciding on the best exterior door type. They generally mimic the appearance of real wood and come in many styles. Fiberglass doors are probably the lowest in maintenance compared to all other exterior door types. They also can last twice as long. Fiberglass doors are scratch and dent resistant, and they won’t rot, rust, warp or bow. They can be painted or stained easily, are very secure and energy efficient. Fiberglass door have practically no downside making them a top choice for homeowners.

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