Why You Should Install A Garden Window In Your CT Home

Why You Should Install A Garden Window In Your CT Home

What Are Garden Windows?

A garden window is designed to extend outward, allowing it to function both as a shelf and as a window. This creates a sense of openness in the home. Garden windows were fairly popular throughout the 80’s and 90’s as they played into the big houseplant aesthetic.

Garden Window

Modern Windows

At the time, it was almost impossible to find a house without plants in the Kitchen, Bathroom, or Living Room. People wanted to feel connected with nature, to the point where they brought it into their homes. Many houses at the time featured big panel windows, and various plants to compliment them, often giving off the feeling of living in a stylish greenhouse.

Vintage House

House Plant Aesthetic

If your kitchen has a casement window, double hung, or a slider window installed, it may be time to consider upgrading to a Garden Window. Our Garden Windows come as two operational trapezoid windows and two picture windows that have been mulled together into a single unit which makes for easy installation. 

Why You Should Install A Garden Window In Your Connecticut Home

New England states are well known for having 4 very distinct seasons, from hot humid summers to lush fall foliage. It may seem like nothing special to those of us who live here, but people from all around have traveled here to experience our various seasonal activities such as fall festivals or winter sports like Skiing. If you’re looking to bring the best of that New England weather into your home in an effective, manageable way, a Garden Window is worth looking into. 

Outdoor View

Why You Should Invest in a Garden Window

If you’re into gardening, a Garden Window is a great way to manage a small herb garden and bring the feeling of nature into your home. Garden Windows make a great Greenhouse alternative for gardeners/plant lovers who are short on time! As well as being the perfect spot for a kitchen herb garden. What you prefer to eat plays a role in what you can grow in your kitchen herb garden. For example, if you prefer to eat Italian food, then you should start off by growing some Rosemary, Parsley, or Basil. On the other hand, if you prefer Mexican food then you could start off by growing some Mint, Cilantro, or Thyme.

Herbs To Grow Indoors

Bowl of Basil

Installing a Garden Window in your home is energy efficient. Garden Windows are a great way to bring in natural light to warm up your home. An eco-friendly Garden Window will keep excess heat out in the summer, and block cold air out in the winter. Keep your plants healthy year round while also cutting down on bills and energy consumption.

Sustainable Windows

Flower On A Solar Pannel

How A Garden Window Can Make Your Home Stand Out

It’s no secret that there’s been a Y2K/90s resurgence gaining big traction over the past few years when it comes to fashion. But what about home design? Garden Windows come straight out of that era when people filled their homes with plants. By choosing to install a Garden Window in your CT home, you’ll be separating yourself from everyone who’s still chasing that minimal home design aesthetic. 

A Garden Window also makes a great place for a small aquarium. Most fish owners keep their tanks in a bedroom, but how many people do you know who have live fish in their kitchen? Certain breeds of fish such as the betta fish like both the dark and light, and they sleep roughly the same time as people do. Putting a small aquarium in your Kitchen Garden Window during the warm months will certainly make your kitchen stand out.

Kitchen Aquarium 

Fish Swimming In Tank

Optimal Locations For A Garden Window

The safest and most effective place to install is above the Kitchen sink. This area is the least space restricting and allows you to have a pleasant view when doing chores such as washing dishes. A Kitchen Garden Window is also a great way to add space to the room, create a relaxed atmosphere, and show off your interior design skills to guests.  

It’s also the best location to install because if you decide to grow a herb garden or bring in a few plants for decoration, it will be pretty hard to forget about them. Every time you do dishes you’ll also be getting a reminder to water those plants!

Kitchen Garden Window Over Sink

Garden Window With Shelf

How To Make Your Garden Window Stand Out

One of the great features of a Garden Window is its versatility, you can leave it plain and let its shape diversify your home or you can dress it up as a form of self expression. Show off your interior home design skills to all your friends by giving your home something unique! If you happen to love cooking, a Garden Window is a great little space to display a few of your favorite cooking books! 

DIY Kitchen Design

Cookbook By Window

It’s also perfect for holiday themes, in the spring consider adding Easter-themed decor such as Colored Eggs. You could also add some fake grass and a small easter egg basket along with some of your favorite flowers to celebrate spring! If you love the fall, a Kitchen Garden Window is the perfect size to add decorative gourds. If you really want to go to town though, try decorating by making maple leaf arrangements, adding pumpkin lanterns and candles. Kitchen Garden Windows are a great place to put your favorite brand of pumpkin spice out on display. 

If you’re more the type who loves fall for Halloween there are plenty of spooky decorations you can add as well. Try adding small skeleton decorations, or spooky carved pumpkins to your Garden Window display, top it off with fake spiderwebs to really capture the mood.Christmas ornaments, hanging snowflakes on the window, and adding displays of Santa or reindeer. A Garden Window would also be perfect for a gingerbread house display! 

 Whether you like seasonal themes, are a huge Marvel fan, or enjoy design of any kind, a Garden Window is versatile enough that it can be styled to match any aesthetic. 

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