Home Window FAQs

Home Window FAQs: Facts and Tips You Need to Know

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When looking for a replacement windows, homeowners typically concern themselves with the price of the product. While the price of the installation is an important piece of information, there are other aspects homeowners might not consider. This blog will answer your home window FAQs by detailing the importance of energy, style, safety, and warranties when choosing between replacement windows.


Measurement for Home Windows

Before starting your search for windows, it’s important to have some knowledge of home improvement procedures. Here’s our response to your home window FAQs concerning measurement.

United Inch

The United Inch is a unit of measure used by home improvement companies to determine the size of your window. To calculate United Inch, add the width of the window to the height. For example, a window with a rough opening size of 24″W X 36″H would equal 60 UI.

With that little lesson out of the way, we can get into the more specific details of purchasing a replacement window.

Energy Packages

Home Energy

Home energy efficiency is important. Poorly made windows allow drafts and moisture to enter your home. This unwanted air creates an uncomfortable home climate with the possibility of damage. Homeowners need to invest in well-insulated windows if they want the best protection.

There are several options to choose from when deciding on a window energy package. The State of Connecticut requires at least one coat of Low-E on glass for replacement windows. Homeowners can also choose a combination of:

  • Low-E and Argon gas
  • Krypton Gas
  • Double Low E and Argon Gas
  • Double Low E and Krypton Gas

Be sure to ask your contractor about the differences between these types of windows so you can choose the correct energy packages. You can also read our blog about Low-E Windows to get ahead on the research!

Window Styles

Bow Replacement Window Wallingford Connecticut

3lite Slider Replacement Windows Fairfield Connecticut

Replacement Bay Window Newtown Connecticut

There are several styles of windows available for customers looking to customize their home with the perfect window. We offer a selection of:

While Double Hung Windows are the most popular, all of these windows have the ability to improve your home. These different windows fulfill the needs of the homeowners with their unique capabilities and charm.

There are also garden windows and specialty windows, like octagon or trapezoid shapes. Different styles allow for varied measurements which may result in different pricing. Make sure you find the style which fits your home.


Vinyl 4 Lite Slider Replacement Colored Home Window Berlin Connecticut

White windows are the popular option for colored windows. These windows add a fresh new look to any home, but plain white is far from the only option. Some options include a two-tone finish with white on the outside and brown on the inside or the reverse with brown on the outside and white on the inside.

Wood windows are also an option for those who have wood siding and want to maintain the look and character of their home.


Home safety is important to everyone. People want windows that will protect their homes. Here are a few factors to consider when thinking about the safety of your home. Use these answers to home window FAQs about safety to choose the best window for your home.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass for Home Windows

Tempered glass is a necessity for any homeowner concerned about safety. This glass is much stronger than regular glass and breaks differently. Normal glass shatters, while tempered glass breaks into small pieces. These small pieces reduce the risk of injury to any bystanders.

The International Code Council (ICC), an organization dedicated to establishing worldwide safety standards, states tempered glass must be used for:

  • Bathroom Shower Doors
  • Shower Windows
  • Areas which may contain a sauna or hot tub
  • Any barrier walls made of glass
  • Windows within certain inches of a stairway or landing

Basically, if there’s a chance of slipping or falling through glass, it should be tempered in order to reduce the possibility of injury or harm.


Lead Paint

If a house was built prior to 1978, there’s a chance it may have lead-based paint. Your contractor MUST do a scratch test to indicate if lead prevention is necessary.

A scratch test is when every layer of paint is scratched away and tested using an approved testing kit. This kit will determine if the paint contains lead.

The cost of your window installation may rise due to safety procedures, but a higher price tag is worth the peace of mind. Make sure your contractor is Lead-Safe Certified and knows the regulations and procedures involved in keeping your home safe and sound.

Warranty FAQs

Home Warranty Questions

Warranties are stressful. With the pressure of choosing the right one and an onslaught of confusing jargon, the search for the right warranty can quickly become intimidating. We at Advanced Window Systems, LLC always want clients to feel at ease and confident in their home improvement decisions. Here are our answers to your home window warranty FAQs.

Beyond Lifetime Warranties

Many homeowners stop searching for information after seeing the words “Lifetime Warranty”. If the warranty covers you for life, there’s nothing more to know? Right? Wrong! A homeowner should know all pertinent information to fully understand what their warranty covers. It’s better to know the ins and outs of your warranty before it’s utilized.

Non-Prorated Warranties

Man signing Home Warranty

A non-prorated warranty will cover the full replacement value of the product for the duration of the warranty. This means the value will not decrease over time. According to a non-prorated warranty, your windows are worth just as much today as they were at the time of installation.

Non-prorated warranties allow homeowners to recognize their home as an investment that will maintain value, especially with a set of new stylish windows from Advanced Window Systems, LLC.

Transferable Warranties

Many customers do not consider the transfer options of a warranty. A transferable warranty is a big plus when a homeowner decides to sell their home. This warranty allows leaving homeowners to transfer their warranty to the new homeowners. Owning a transferable warranty can increase the resale value of your home. People want to buy well-taken care of homes and transferable warranties guarantee protection.

Now that you know more about warranties, it’s clear that the best warranty for replacement windows is a Lifetime Non-Prorated Warranty. This warranty allows homeowners to retain the value of their home with a guarantee of security and stability. Make sure your window warranty is transferable, prorated, and last for life!

The Solution

Advanced Window Systems LLC lifetime non-prorated warranty

If you want a home improvement company that will answer your questions and make sure you’re taken care of, look no further than Advanced Window Systems, LLC.

Advanced Window Systems, LLC provides customers with stylish and durable windows which protect their home during all seasons. Our lifetime non-prorated warranty allows customers to call on us whenever a problem arises. Say goodbye to stress and hello to the best quality windows in the market.

In Summary

Advanced Window Systems LLC

Searching for Home Windows can be a complicated task for any homeowner. In order to remove doubt and build confidence in your decisions, it’s important to know all the available packages of home windows.

Make sure your windows have good insulation, a style that matches your home, the proper safety measures for ultimate protection, and a Lifetime Non-Prorated Warranty. These factors will make your replacement home windows a standout addition to your home.

Have any other questions about home windows? Advanced Window Systems, LLC is happy to help. Contact us on Facebook and Twitter too!


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