How to Choose Vinyl Siding Colors

How to Choose Vinyl Siding Colors

One of the many benefits of choosing vinyl siding for your home is that it never has to be painted. It will also never chip or peel. It is very low maintenance, requiring you to clean it only a few times a year. Another benefit to vinyl siding are the many style and color options available. The right color of vinyl siding for your home is important, because in order to change it you will have to completely reside it. Luckily, if you spend a little time considering your options and choose a color that you will be happy with, the beauty of vinyl siding lasts a long time. When you are in the process of choosing the color of your siding consider the following before making a decision:

Check Restrictions on Adding Vinyl Siding Colors

Where you live can restrict how your home can be designed, such as colors for vinyl siding. Always check in with your homeowners associations to know if the color you want is one that is acceptable in the neighborhood. It is best to check beforehand so you don’t risk breaking a town rule and be forced to changing the vinyl siding of your house again.

Choose the brand of Vinyl Siding Before the Colors

The brand you choose for your vinyl siding should come before the colors. We recommend Mastic or Certainteed for their large style selection and robust color palette. Your choice in brand will help you in the long run as not all brands offer equal results.  Some brands will not have styles that come in particular colors, so it’s better to find the brand that works best for you. It’s best to avoid finding a color that goes well with your home only to find the brand you like doesn’t have in a certain style and vice versa.

Think about the Trim

To maximize your home’s appeal, you’ll want to choose a color that complements the other vinyl siding colors. For reference, lighter siding colors look better with darker trims, while a darker siding works well with a lighter trim. Doors, windows, and shutters are all something to consider too, vinyl siding aren’t the only thing that work towards creating your home’s external appeal.

Research and Prepare

Make sure to ask questions as to why before you even deciding on vinyl siding or even what color to choose. Questions like:

  • What is the motivation behind residing your home?
  •  Are you going for a new look and feel?
  • Are you residing it with the intention of selling your home and increasing its curb appeal?

Questions like these are always important to ask before you begin your Vinyl Siding journey. If you are residing your home for your own purposes, it’s a good idea to look around at your neighbors homes if you do not want to stand out too much.

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