How to Clean Vinyl Siding

How to Clean Vinyl Siding: Tips from a CT Vinyl Siding Company

As a CT vinyl siding company, we receive many questions about how to maintain the beautiful new look of vinyl siding when it’s first installed. One of the benefits of vinyl siding is the low amount of maintenance required. Although it is tough to get outside and clean your siding in the cold weather, cleaning your vinyl siding during the winter months  may help to reduce the maintenance required once Spring comes. Although vinyl siding can be cleaned with a power washer, you may save yourself the time and money of buying one if you can manage to clean it once or twice during the winter. Here is a list of some frequently asked questions about how to clean and maintain your vinyl siding.
What products should I use to clean vinyl siding? 
It’s important to clean vinyl siding is with the correct tools. A long handled, soft bristled brush is the best tool for cleaning vinyl siding. Cleaning vinyl siding is an uncomplicated process and you probably already have the materials you need at home. Use a garden hose and fill a bucket with three parts water to one part chlorine bleach. Other solutions that can work are 1/3 cup laundry soap, 2/3 cup powdered detergent and a gallon of water or a solution made with 30% vinegar and 70% water. 

What is the best way to clean vinyl siding?
The best way to clean vinyl siding is working from the bottom up. This will prevent unwanted streaking and running of stains. Use your brush and start along the bottom edge of the vinyl siding and move your way upwards. For the best results, you’ll want to make sure you rinse all of the cleaning solution off before it begins to dry. If you have brick near the vinyl siding you’ll want to cover it to prevent run off damage.

Should I use a power washer?
Although you may choose to use a power washer, you’ll want to double check with the installer or siding manufacturer before doing so. Some manufacturers may have limitations on the amount of pressure used. If choosing to use a power washer, you’ll want to follow all of the instructions carefully in order to prevent unnecessary damage. Typically, cleaning vinyl siding a few times a year with a soft brush and garden hose will keep your siding clean. Regular maintenance will help to reduce the need to power wash your vinyl siding at all.

Will my vinyl siding be affected by discoloration?
Although vinyl siding is designed to resist fading and discoloration, over time weather, sunlight and general exposure may cause some fading. Proper maintenance will keep your vinyl siding looking newer longer, but a certain amount of fading from exposure to elements should be expected. When staining or sealing, make sure to cover the vinyl siding so it is protected. 

How does heat affect vinyl siding?
Vinyl siding will melt if exposed to a significant form of heat. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, vinyl is a combustible material, but will not readily ignite unless exposed to flames from an existing fire. Homeowners should be careful not to use grills or barbecuing equipment too close to the siding and keep fire pits a safe distance away.

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