How to Create a Cozy Home When It’s Cold Outside

How to Create a Cozy Home When It’s Cold Outside

The best remedy for a long, cold, New England winter is a cozy home. There’s nothing nicer than getting home at the end of the day, having a warm dinner, and curling up under a nice blanket.

Today, we’ll go through some simple ways you can harness that cozy feeling in your home this winter.

Let’s get started!

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Turn to the Kitchen

When you’re cold and tired in the winter, putting a lot of effort into your food might be the last thing you want to do.

This is the perfect time of year to use a slow cooker. Load it up in the morning, and when you come home you have a nice, warm meal ready for you. There are so many soups and stews you can make in a slow cooker that embody coziness.

While you’re in the kitchen, you can also make yourself a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa to enjoy. Or, for the ultimate coziness, make some hot chocolate in your slow cooker.

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Replace Your Windows and Doors

As homeowners in New England, we’re all aware that energy bills are a major expense through the winter. To keep those bills down, you might be tempted to turn your thermostat down.

Did you know that you’re losing a significant amount of energy through your old windows and doors? Drafts and inefficient glass let your energy leak right out of your house.

By replacing your windows and doors, you can keep your home comfortable for less money.

Cozy Threads for a Cozy Home

Of course, the coziest thing in the cold of winter is curling up under a blanket. Harness the cozy energy of fabric in your home by adding blankets, pillows, and other throws.

Textures are fun to play with here for a cozy feeling even if you don’t have time to actually curl up on the couch.

Faux fur especially screams coziness if you can find a small area rug for the floor or a throw to put on an ottoman. Just limit yourself with the faux fur, or your home will start to look like a hunting lodge.

Chunkier thread in a blanket or pillow also looks cozier than thin blankets.

Person cuddling a dog

To save on your energy bills and enjoy your blankets, don’t be afraid to leverage your furry friends for some extra warmth when you’re on the couch.

Let There be Light

A big problem in the winter, which causes many people to get the blues, is that there’s limited natural light. Many get up and go to work while it’s dark and then come home in the dark as well.

How can you take advantage of light to create coziness in your home?

Start by cleaning your light bulbs and fixtures. Many people don’t realize how much dust builds up on their light fixtures throughout the year. Cleaning them can allow you to enjoy a substantial amount of extra light in those dark evenings.

Candles are another way to feel cozy, because they put off warm light and a lovely scent. When it comes to candles, however, you need to be extra careful. They pose a serious risk to start a fire, so keep these candle safety tips in mind when using them in your home.

Stay Cozy This Winter

With these tips, you can create a cozy home that your friends and family will love. Winter will be more enjoyable for everyone, and the sun will return before you know it.

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