How to Get Clean Window Screens

How to Get Clean Window Screens

Clean window screens are vital to enjoying the fresh air of fall and spring without being bothered by pests.

You might not think of cleaning your screens, but if you take a close look at them, you’ll see that they get covered with dust and pollen throughout the season. Then, when rain comes, that dirt gets on your windows, ruining the streak-free windows you worked so hard for.

How can you get your sloppy screens in line? Clean them near the end of fall and the end of spring.

Today, we’ll go through a simple process for cleaning your screens.

fly on the window screen

Remember to Be Gentle

Window screens are delicate. When working with them, remember to always be gentle.

This avoids ripping a hole in the mesh or tearing it free from the frame.

Step One: Remove Your Screens from Your Windows

Using care, remove your screens from your windows. If you’re unsure of how to do this, consult the company that installed your windows.

When taking out all of your screens at once, label them to avoid confusion later.

Step Two: Stage Your Cleaning Area

Choose a place, preferably outside, to clean your screens. It should be relatively flat.

When working on grass or any other surface that might contain damaging debris, lay down a tarp or towel first to protect the screens.

You’re going to be using some water here, so don’t choose a place that you mind getting wet.

Step Three: Remove Loose Dirt

Using the soft upholstery attachment on your vacuum, gently vacuum the screen.

This removes any loose dirt, debris, or pollen that may be sitting on the surface. 30% of adults have allergies, so this is the perfect chance to get some more pollen away from your home.

bucket of soapy water

Step Four: Clean Window Screens

Mix a little bit of blue dish soap with a bucket of water.

Using a soft bristle brush, microfiber cloth, or sponge, lightly cleanse the screens. Don’t choose a tool that’s abrasive to avoid damage.

Use small, circular motions going from top to bottom to scrub off the dirt.

Step Five: Rinse and Dry

Before it dries, rinse the solution off the screen. You can use a garden hose on its lowest pressure setting, or you can pour from a bucket of clean water.

Use a clean microfiber cloth to dry the excess water off the screen. If you have a good place in your yard, let the screens air dry completely before re-installing them in your windows.

Storing Your Screens

Due to the intense winters New England gets, some homeowners choose to store their screens in the colder months.

If you choose to do this, make sure to label your screens and store them somewhere that they won’t get any damage.

Inspecting Your Screens

While you have your screens out to clean, it’s a great time to inspect them for damage. If you notice any holes, you need to fix them to avoid pests infiltrating your home.

If you got your windows from a company like Advanced Window Systems, they may re-screen them for free under warranty if you bring them to the office.

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Clear Views and More Light

Clean window screens enhance the experience of using your windows, because they provide clearer views and more light than dirty screens.

If you have any questions about your window screens or want to replace your windows, contact us today at 1-800-CALL-AWS.


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