How to Revamp Your Entry Door Area for Spring

How to Revamp Your Entry Door Area for Spring

If you’ve lived in New England for more than a minute, you know that the area around your entry door doesn’t look pretty when winter ends. The grass and plants outside died off or went dormant in the cold, and the walkway up to your door is covered in salt, or even sand, from the snow.

Then when you get through the door, the floor is probably littered with salt as well, not to mention shoes, gloves, shovels, and other accessories left scattered.

Why not start the season by revamping your entryway, making it a space that welcomes you home and prepares you to take on the day?

Let’s jump into how to get it done!

lit walk way

Houses and garden in the city at midnight.

1. Assess Your Walkway

The first thing someone encounters when approaching your entry door is your walkway. Take a moment to assess what condition yours is in.

In 2015 alone, home injuries costed home owners about $254 billion dollars. If your concrete is cracked or your stones are lifting, it’s time for a fix to prevent grandma from tripping the next time she visits.

If it’s in good condition, grab the hose and give it a nice scrub down to remove the caked-on salt.

2. Potted Planters

A garden requires a lot of time and effort to get going, especially at the beginning of spring when a cold snap can take your flowers out. Cut out some of the work of a garden and use potted planters instead.

blue front door

A very neat American house with gorgeous outdoor landscape. Northwest, USA.

You probably know a neighbor (or are the neighbor) whose garden can look a little “wild” because they don’t have time to weed.

Ditch the labor with a potted planter instead. Many stores sell pots ready to go with seeds inside, so all you have to do is plop it by your door and make sure it gets water.

3. Entry Door Makeover

Even pretty accents can’t hide an ugly door. When your door starts showing signs that it’s time to get a replacement, it’s a good chance to give your entryway a little makeover. Choose a new entry door with some extra style for a fun touch.

Try thinking outside the box on colors and designs to give your space a fun twist or stick to something polished and simple for a traditional entry.

4. Storage Bench

Who says all the fun has to stay outside when revamping an entryway? A storage bench is the perfect way to combine style and practicality.

kids running in house

Excited Children Returning Home From School With Mother

The bench lets you have a spot to put on your shoes while the storage let’s you tuck away shoes, backpacks, or work bags so your entry way doesn’t become a messy dumping ground. Toss on a couple of throw pillows, and it can look fancy without all the fuss.

If you’re feeling very crafty, you could even build your own storage bench and paint or stain it to match your entry door.

5. Catchall

Another simple way to keep your entryway organized is to get a catchall. A catchall is a bowl or basket near the door meant to do what it says: catch all.

Drop in your keys, sunglasses, and wallet when you walk in the door to avoid losing them.

Simply Fresh

You don’t need a complicated, expensive makeover to make your entryway shine. By making these few, simple changes, you can freshen up your space with simplicity.

If you do need a new entry door to make the space complete, we can help you find one that fits your style and your budget. Contact us and we’ll schedule a free in-home estimate.


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