How Do I Know It’s Time To Replace My Windows?

Unsure if you should keep or replace your windows? This guide will help you decide if your windows actually need to be replaced.

Blue House with light windows

Window Damage/Glass Damage

If your windows have sustained a great amount of damage from either the weather or just as a result of time, then it might be time to replace your windows. A damaged window leaves your house less secure and also leaves them less efficient. Glass damage should especially be fixed since they are crucial in keeping your home insulated. Even just a crack in the glass should be fixed and not left alone because you don’t want it to get any worse. It is important to periodically check your windows for damage to keep your home insulated and secure.  

Broken window on white home

Drafts Coming Into Your Home

If you are feeling drafts of cold or warm air coming through your windows, then that is a sign that you may need a replacement. Drafts are a sign that your windows are not properly insulating your home. This is causing heat to escape in the winter and cold air to escape in the summer which drives up your heating and cooling bills. Having quality windows to properly keep in warm and cold air will save you money during extreme heat and cold. If you notice that your heating or electric bill is abnormally high then it could be that your windows are not working as they should. To help lower your bill and save yourself money in the long run, the best idea would be to purchase replacement windows for your home.

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Hard to Open and Close Windows

If you struggle to open and close your windows, it’s not your fault, it’s your windows.  A window should be easy to operate so you can open, close, and lock the window without a struggle. If you run into this problem, it may be time for some new windows. A brand-new vinyl window will slide easily up and down making your life a whole lot easier. Quality windows will provide ease of use and last you for a long time into the future.

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Window Only Has One Pane of Glass

You may be asking, what’s wrong with only one pane of glass on a window? Well, in fact having only one pane of glass is not good in keeping your house insulated and secured. If you place your hand on a one-pane window you can feel the outside temperature which is not good. That means your home is affected by the outside temperature and is losing heat more than it should. This means you might want to purchase new replacement windows. Windows with two panes of glass mean that there is more of a barrier between the outside and inside which means less loss of heat or cold air.

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Unnecessary Amounts of Outdoor Noise

If you are hearing outside noise easily from the inside of your home, then you may need new replacement windows. Noise should not be getting into the home very easily if your windows are fully shut. If you are getting an unusual amount of noise then your window may have a leakage problem. This can be the result of damage over time or the wood on the window has become rotten and is breaking down. Either way that is not something you want to leave on your home, and you should definitely get your windows replaced.

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Wood Chipping or Rot

Many windows are made out of wood, especially in older homes. Wood is a great material to go on a home the only problem is they experience more damage over time. Wood windows are affected by many things that don’t affect vinyl windows. Water damage can be serious with wood because the wood can become waterlogged and they will eventually start to become rotten. Also, wood is affected by pests like termites that will eat away at your windows and into your home. If your windows are being affected in any of these ways then you may want to replace your windows.

old wood window rotten

Outdated Window Styles

If you dislike the style of your windows and feel like they don’t fit well with your home, then you may want to consider replacement windows. Many homeowners want their home to be perfect in every way and the windows are a huge part of that. Some styles of windows may seem outdated especially with what companies provide for windows nowadays. The options are really endless, and it gives the homeowner the opportunity to have a say in the design of their home. It is important that you are confident in the look and style of your home, so you are proud to call it home.

old outdated windows

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