Transforming Your Bathroom Aesthetics

From Lackluster to Luxurious: Transforming Your Bathroom Aesthetics

Does your bathroom need a makeover? Fed up with leaks and endless fixes? Ever wish your bathroom could feel a bit more luxurious, but not sure where to begin? Well, no more worries – we’re here to lend a hand! We’ll go over all the ways to improve your luxury bathroom aesthetic that will leave house guests in awe. We will cover aesthetic bathroom ideas and upgrades, hiring professional installers and how to maximize space and layout of a bathroom.

A bathroom designed by Advanced Windows Systems to engage the reader.

Why Should I Upgrade My Bathroom?

The bathroom is a vital part of your home. It gets plenty of use from you, your family, and guests. Keeping your bathroom stylish and comfortable is a smart move that adds value. Upgrading with fresh plants, luxury shower and bath designs, better lighting, and more space can make a big difference. Plus, it’s not just about looks – a modern bathroom also means fewer headaches with maintenance, leaks, and repairs in the long haul.

What’s on the Market?

At Advanced Window Systems, we’re all about making your bathroom look amazing. We’ve got top-notch luxury shower, bath, wall, ceiling, and floor designs that are tailor-made to spruce up your bathroom. And if that’s not enough, we’ve also got a variety of shower doors, wall fixtures, and accessories in lots of different styles. Stick around, and we’ll show you some fantastic luxury bathroom ideas using the finest products out there!

Showers: The Heart of the Bathroom

The shower takes center stage in any bathroom; it’s the first thing anyone notices when they walk in. And let’s face it, a luxurious shower can make or break the bathroom’s vibe. If you’re aiming for that upscale look, consider going for a granite-style treatment on your walls, ceiling, and floors. Tiles are a must; they create that seamless, spa-like atmosphere we all love. Stick to neutral colors like whites, beiges, grays, and taupe’s for that modern, timeless feel that makes your space look clean and spacious.

Here are some color options to consider:

River Rock

  • A versatile and calming color that falls within the spectrum of grayish-brown or taupe.

River rock shower color. A versatile and calming color that falls within the spectrum of grayish-brown or taupe.


  • A light beige gray color that resembles angular fragments of rock, perfect for someone looking for an earthy undertone for their bathroom.

The Breccia shower finish. A light beige gray color that resembles angular fragments of rock, perfect for someone looking for an earthy undertone for their bathroom.

Roman Stone

  • Beige color with an earthy tone which conveys levels of elegance, beauty and luxury

A Roman Stone shower finish. A light grey color with an earthy tone which conveys levels of elegance, beauty and luxury.


To really elevate these hues, think about adding metallic touches like chrome, brushed nickel, or even a touch of gold for your fixtures, curtain rods, and handles.

Rain Shower

When it comes to fixtures, we’d recommend the Rain Shower. These babies are designed to mimic the soothing feeling of standing in the rain. With their generous diameter, they bring a touch of luxurious bliss to your shower experience.

A rain shower fixture, Chrome finish

Slide Bar and Handheld

For a more ergonomic design, we would suggest the slide bar and handheld fixture, a high-quality handheld showerhead with a flexible hose that provides versatility for rinsing and cleaning.

A slide bar and hand held fixture.

Crafting the Perfect Luxury Bath Experience

When it comes to achieving a modern bathroom look, the bathtub plays a pivotal role. It can either make or break your overall bathroom experience. Having a bathtub imparts a contemporary ambiance, often signaling a preference for a clutter-free and up-to-date style. Let’s face it, nobody wants to step into a bathroom with an outdated, stained relic from the ’90s. Opting for a modern and luxurious bathtub can completely transform your bathroom.

At Advanced Windows Systems, we specialize in crafting luxurious bath designs tailored to your unique aesthetic preferences. We recommend sticking with tiles in elegant shades of white, beige, and gray, perfectly complemented by granite. As for the bathtub color, for an extra touch of luxury and prestige, classic white is the way to go.

Consider these aesthetically pleasing bathtub shapes to harmonize with your bathroom design:


A straight bath with white finish.


A winged bath with white finish


A classic bath with white finish

The choice among these options depends on the vibe you aim to create, but rest assured, any of these choices will help you achieve the luxury bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.


To give your shower and bath area a luxurious touch, consider adding some practical accessories like shelves, caddies, grab bars, and seats. As for the enclosure, we recommend opting for glass sliders over shower curtains; they provide a sleeker and more modern appearance.


What else could I do?

For an ideal luxury bathroom experience, it’s a good idea to stay in tune with current design trends. In today’s interior design scene, it’s quite a luxurious touch to incorporate plants into your bathroom layout. These greens, along with flowers, breathe life and a natural vibe into the space. Adding to the luxurious ambiance, think about investing in essential oils, diffusers, or candles. And don’t forget the value of practical storage solutions like cabinets and crates. Keeping your bathroom well-organized not only looks great but also creates a serene and calming atmosphere. By following these steps, you can easily and cost effectively turn your dated bathroom into a five star spa.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Installer if I Could do it Myself?

When it comes to bathroom installations, it’s a wise move to bring in an experienced installer. Trying to do it yourself could lead to issues like leaks and ongoing maintenance headaches down the road. On top of that, installers will make sure that your bathroom is perfectly finished and has an aesthetic look. Hiring a pro can actually save you money in the long haul, sparing you from worrying about future expenses. Plus, professionals can provide valuable tips on maintenance and even offer some great bathroom design ideas to enhance the aesthetics. Do not settle for less, a bathroom that is professionally designed and put together will last.

At Advanced Window Systems, we provide top-notch installation services, paired with exquisite shower and bath designs. If you’re considering hiring a pro for your luxury bathroom renovations, just give us a call at Advanced Window Systems – you won’t be disappointed!

The Big Picture

When it comes to bathrooms, you deserve nothing but the best. At AWS, we offer the finest upgrades for your showers, baths, decor, and tiles with modern, stylish designs that can truly transform your space. Follow these steps, and you can also enjoy the luxury of a beautiful bathroom.


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