Energy Efficient Glass for Proper Home Insulation

Low-E Glass: Energy Efficient Glass for Proper Home Insulation

The average person probably doesn’t realize how essential choosing the right glass is when it comes to controlling and maintaining the temperature of your household. During the hot summer months, a special type of glass called Low-e glass is key in maintaining an energy-efficient household. This will result in less dependency on air conditioning units and fans and overall decrease the amount of energy needed to maintain an ideal house temperature.

City Buildings With Low E Glass WindowsLow-E glass buildings

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What is Low-E Glass?

How Does Low-E Work?

Low-E glass is glass covered with a reflective film that offers many benefits compared to standard glass. This layer called Low-E reduces radiant heat transfer. Low-E helps keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is because Low-E glass is far more energy-efficient than your standard windows. Having windows made with Low- E will save you money on your energy bills and make your house far more energy-efficient then you thought possible!

Low-E Glass Types

 Choosing the right glass

When selecting a Low-E glass window it is important to know the different types of Low-E.  You want to choose precisely the right glass for your home. There are two types of Low-E glass and they are both made differently and serve different purposes from each other. The two types of Low-E glass are Soft Coat and Hard Coat.

Types of Low-E : Soft Coat and Hard Coat

Soft Coat Low-E Glass

Soft Coat Low-E glass windows are the most energy-efficient window replacement option available. Soft Coat Low-E windows can prevent UV rays from transmitting through the glass at a 70% higher rate than a standard window. While Soft Coat Low-E glass is the most effective in maintaining energy efficiency it is also typically the more expensive and less durable compared to the Hard Coat option.

Hard Coat Low-E Glass

Hard Coat Low-E glass is a much more inexpensive and easy to care for option then Soft Coat Low-E. This glass is made with fewer layers of coating the Soft Coat Low-E glass and because of this, it is the far more durable option. Unlike windows made with Soft Coat Low-E glass, Hard Coated windows can be handled without gloves and will not suffer any damage from hanging blinds on them!  While Hard-Coat Low-E glass is the less expensive option over time they will cost you more in energy bills as they are not as efficient in blocking sunlight or maintaining your home’s temperature. They are still a great option as they are much more energy-efficient then your standard window.

Benefits of Choosing Low-E Glass

UV Ray Protection

Does Low-E Glass Block Out Sunlight?

UV rays and the power of sunlight can be very harmful over time to one’s health. While Low-E glass blocks out the damage done by the sun they do not block out sunlight entirely. This is important as most people do want at least some natural lighting within their house. Low-E glass offers the best of both worlds as you are still given the brightness and sunlight from the outside without the excessive heat or powerful UV rays shining in your household.  Low-E glass also protects your rugs and furniture from sun damage far more than a regular window.

Plant Protection

Plant in  Low-E Window Window Plant

How Does Low-E Effect My Houseplants?

Another benefit the Low-E glass provides is the positive effects it can have on indoor houseplant growth and health. Although Low-E glass limits them amount of radiation transmitted through your windows, it does not prevent plants from receiving the necessary sunlight that they need in order to survive. It does however protect your houseplants from overexposure to harmful UV rays and the damage caused by them. Low-E windows are a great way to protect and facilitate the growth of your indoor houseplants and offer much more protection than a standard window. So if you are wondering how replacing your windows with Low-E glass will effect your houseplants: the effects will be nothing but positive.

Home Insulation

Low-E Glass illustration

Will Low-E Properly Insulate My Home?

Low-E glass is a great way to keep your home insulated.  Keeping your home well-insulated keeps your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.  Low-e glass reduces the impact that the sun has on the air in your home. This energy-efficient glass will allow you to save on heating and electricity all year round.

Seasonal Durability

Should I Replace My Windows with Low-E?

Low-E glass windows are energy efficient and overall more effective windows year-round. The special coating on the glass reflects UV rays and the heat from the sun in order to maintain your homes inside temperature. In the winter Low-E glass does a far better job then your standard window at retaining heat. As it is much more difficult for the heat to escape with Low-E glass. Low-E glass is also durable enough to serve as storm windows/doors.

Winter Versus Summer Low-E Explanation How Low-E Windows Maintain comfortable housing temperature year-round

Window Replacement

Upgrade your windows!

Low-E windows are an ideal replacement window for anyone who is looking to save on their energy bills and have better control over the temperature of their home.  Both the Soft Coat and Hard Coat options offer to make your home far more comfortable and energy-efficient without taking away from the clear view that a non Low-E window would give you.

Low-E Glass vs Standard Glass

Low-E window compared to standard glass

The Green Tint

The most common critique or complaint that people who are considering Low-E glass have is about the color difference in Low-E glass. Low-E glass does have a very slight green tint to it but this tint is not very noticeable and it does not take away from the standard view of the window. Low-E windows are becoming increasingly common as time goes on and while upon closer inspection you can notice the slight tint in the windows they do not stand out or look out of place compared to normal windows.

Types of Low-E Windows (Side angle)

 As you can see from the two photos above both of these windows are made with Low-E glass. The “greener” glass (Left Side) is what they call High-Performance Double Low-E which is why the tint is more noticeable on this window. Neither of these windows look drastically different from a standard window but their energy efficiency is unparalleled.

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