Mastic Vinyl Siding Review

Mastic Vinyl Siding Review

How do you feel about the current siding on you home? Do you think it might be time for replacement/repair? Your goal should be to find the best type of siding for your home. There are many thing you need to evaluate when looking for siding that fits your home best. For example the style, color, texture, contractor and brand you will use. Are you struggling with your research or don’t know what to search for? We have layed out information on one of the top vinyl siding manufacturers, Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem. Advanced Window Services has been in service for nearly 40 years so we many siding producers. In our experience, Mastic Home Exteriors is one of the brands we trust most. Here are a few examples of why Mastic vinyl siding is a name you can trust.

House with Mastic vinyl siding

State of the Art Technology

 Mastic’s Mill Creek vinyl siding product line offers panels that are more resistant to cracking, impact and thermal distortion. As an added benefit, rich color resides throughout the panel, eliminating the appearance of nicks and minor surface scratches. Mastic’s Quest vinyl siding also has the Duranyl 500 Protection System. This means the technology adds extra UV protection to the most vivid colors and protects color against harsh elements. This also will make your siding more durable so that it will be less damaged from weather. The Kynar 500 Protection means the cedar colors feature an exclusive thermal bonding process. This utilizes weather-resistant polymers and Kynar 500 to create a protective coating with superior durability and color retention.

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Energy Efficiency

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Vinyl siding requires less energy to manufacture per square foot then most other sidings of siding. Mastic vinyl siding in particular, is lighter weight per square than other cladding options. Because of this it requires less fuel to transport it from one place to another. . Less fuel used means less pollution to the environment. The EPS Insulated Vinyl Siding adds up to an additional R4 of insulation to exterior walls. This increases overall wall system R-Value by up to 25%. Additionally, all Ply Gem facilities do their part to conserve energy. They do this by doing simple things like turning out lights on weekends and during shutdowns.

Vinyl mastic siding

Sustainable Resources


Mastic vinyl siding is manufactured from two abundant natural resources, salt and natural gas. All of the post-product scrap material created during the manufacturing process is reclaimed. Vinyl siding also generates less construction site waste than cardboard packaging, brick or lumber. As long as it is installed properly, Mastic products never require paint and they never stain. This reduces VOCs released into the atmosphere. Mastic’s Performance Metals are made from an alloy that contains approximately 22% pre-consumer recycled content. Ply Gem facilities reuse and recycle pallets and packaging material, reducing raw material needs and landfill use.


Unlike some fiber cement products, vinyl siding does not produce harmful silica dust. Silica dust is never healthy when ingested or inhaled. Doing so can cause a variety of health issues including lung disease.

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