Modern Farmhouse Design Plans

Modern Farmhouse Design Plans

Are you wondering what goes into modern farmhouse design plans? A modern farmhouse design plan is made up of country and modern styles combined. This trend does not look like it’s going anywhere!

White modern farmhouse exterior

The interior of today’s modern farmhouse design may include a farmhouse sink, lots of natural wood and shiplap, and modern light fixtures. Modern houses often feel cold and too industrial, so the trend of mixing in country elements makes it feel more welcoming.

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farmhouse sink Arrangement of dry food products, spices and ceramics kitchen equipment hanging on country shelves in rustic home kitchen.


Updating the exterior of your home is an investment, and it’s understandable to fear the modern farmhouse trend will fade. There are ways to achieve this look while still keeping classic elements that will withstand the test of time. Here’s some suggestions for a modern farmhouse design plan that will never go out of style.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Lots of Windows

Bright window

Modern farmhouse design plans should include many windows to let a lot of light in your home. Every modern farmhouse should feel warm and welcoming.

Window trim can also complete your modern farmhouse design plan. White window trim definitely looks nice, but black window trim is becoming more popular and definitely completes the modern farmhouse look.

If you have a different color window trim in mind, click here for an article all about custom color window trim.

White Siding

White siding is another part of modern farmhouse design plans. There are numerous ways to use white siding to achieve the modern farmhouse look.

White vinyl siding is one of those elements that works for the modern farmhouse design plans yet will never go out of style.  Vinyl siding makes your home look beautiful, increases energy efficiency, is maintenance free, and very durable. It is definitely more polished looking than more old-fashioned or traditional farmhouses.

 Family sitting outside on the steps of a new construction white siding farmhouse in the suburbs


White vinyl siding looks so classic, holds up beautifully, and is bright and welcoming.

Gray or Black Roof

A gray roof or black roof is most popular in modern farmhouse design plans. The contrast of the dark roof against the white siding looks AWSome. Innovative fiberglass asphalt roofing is a reliable type of roofing that will look great on a modern farmhouse, and keep your home protected. Again, this style goes with the trend, and a dark-colored roof will never go out of fashion.

Farmhouse Door

For your modern farmhouse design plans, choose a door that you think looks welcoming. Natural wood doors are very popular, as well as black or white doors. Black looks more modern, while the natural looks more traditional.

Vertical shot of a tall wooden front door on an upscale home with view of windows and decorative floor tiling Exterior view of a front door to a residence with brick flooring and a wreath on the door. Vertical shot.


You can see the difference between the dark and natural wood door. Which do you think completes the modern farmhouse design plan best? Your entryway door is something that you can add your own personal touch on, and there are so many styles to choose from. So many styles look great on a modern farmhouse, given the simplicity of the black and white exterior.

Finishing Touches

Plants!!! Lots of greenery is essential to include in your modern farmhouse design plans. Get creative with gardening and landscaping, it will help bring the home to life. Modern farmhouses are just an aesthetic, not actually on farms. But you want some natural plants and landscaping that make it have a country feel, even if you’re in New England.

Modern lighting is key inside the home. Lighting outside the house, specifically on the front porch, can add so much flare to modern farmhouse design plans. Lighting fixtures are also something you can have fun with, since the siding and roofing is so simple. You really can’t go wrong, just don’t choose something too traditional.

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Written by Claire Butler


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