Modern Window Styles

Modern Window Styles to Match Your Contemporary Home

What defines modern interior design? The key characteristics of a modern design are clean lines, open spaces, neutral colors, practicality, and energy efficiency. If you’re looking to upgrade your home to a modern style, consider adding these modern window designs to match your contemporary home.

Modern Home Design

Different Window Designs for the Modern Home

Double Hung Windows for the Modern Home

Double hung windows are made with two sashes that operate by going up and down. Both the top and bottom sashes tilt in for easier cleaning. While double hung windows are known to be a traditional style, they can be a great addition to the modern home. Double hung windows without grids would be the perfect match for a contemporary home.

double hung window

Casement Windows to Fit a Modern Design

Casement windows pivot outward that are controlled by a crank. Casement windows are considered to be a popular choice for contemporary architecture because of its clean lines and minimalistic look. This window design is used a lot over a sink in the kitchen to fit a modern home design.

1 Lite Casement Window


Incorporate Awning Windows to a Modern Home

Awning windows contain hinges at the top and swing outward from the bottom. You can incorporate awning windows to a modern home design and pair it with casement or picture windows. Typically you would use this window style to match a modern home full of awning windows.

Awning Windows


Sliding Windows for Minimalist Design

Sliding windows open horizontally along the top and bottom track of the window frame. This type of window style is typically seen in smaller sized modern homes because of its simple use and minimalist style.

Sliding windows are a great fit in basements, sunrooms, or even in tight spaces to allow for ventilation and outdoor views. It can be an alternative to casement windows in a modern home to add a minimalist style.

2 Lite Slider Window


Contemporary Window Materials

Pair your window designs with contemporary window materials such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum to fit your modern home. Any of these contemporary window material options will complement the modern home with their visually appealing designs and durability.

Window Trim Options that Create a Minimalist Feel

Dark Color Trim

Dark color window trims are becoming a modern trend that adds sophistication, contrast with light-colored walls, and a dramatic tone to contemporary homes. Adding dark color trims around your windows, both indoors and outdoors, is a simple way to create a minimalist feel.

Dark Color Trim Casement Window


White Trim

White trim windows are known to be featured in traditional styled homes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be incorporated in modern style homes. White trims offer contrast with dark-colored walls and frames other architectural points inside and outside of the home. It can also pair well with light-colored walls to match a minimalist design.

White Trim Windows


Gridless Windows for a Modern Design

Grids, or also known as grilles, are narrow strips of wood, vinyl, or metal used to separate the glass of the window into individual sections. 

Grid Window


Many homeowners who want unobstructed views of the outdoors will choose gridless windows for a modern design. Gridless windows have a minimalist layout due to its simple line structure. This window design creates an open-floor concept that is usually seen in modern home designs.

Modern House with No Grids

Check out our Grids or No Grids blog post for more information and choose a style that’s right for your home.


Add Modern Windows to Your Home

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