Essentials For Your Bathroom

Must Haves and Essentials For Your Bathroom

Have you ever wanted to spruce up your bathroom or make it easier to do your daily routines? If you answered yes to this question then you are looking for bathroom essentials that will help turn your bathroom into the powder room of your dreams. You may be considering multiple options or may not know what options there are for bathroom necessities. Let’s go over the bathroom must-haves so that you can make the best choice for your bathroom project.

  • Shower Heads
  • Bathtub/Shower Accessories
  • Straight/Curved Shower Curtain Rods
  • Shower Doors
  • Wall & Ceiling Patterns

Shower Heads


Changing the shower head for your bathroom is one of many bathroom essentials that can improve your morning routine. Replacing your shower head comes with a few benefits to consider, even if it is only a few years old. Over time, its age, rust, grime, the design, and other factors can cause a decline in water pressure.

There are also different customization options for custom shower heads that can change the water pressure depending on if you want a more gentle shower or a more powerful shower. You can also change the height of your shower with a slide bar which is useful for users of varying heights.


Handheld shower heads are also another bathroom must-haves due to their versatility. Handheld shower heads can be angled by hand, or can be used as a standard shower head, or they can be removed and angled by hand. This makes them especially useful for rinsing your body, showering while sitting down, and is useful for washing children or pets.

Bathtub/Shower Accessories


There are many bathroom must-haves for your bathtub/shower that can be a positive change to your bathroom project. There are some accessories that can help with organizing your bath/shower products. You can get a caddy to organize items such as shampoo, conditioner, oils, and other products. Soap dishes are useful to store your soap bars after every use.

For people who shave their legs in the shower a shaving bar is a bathroom must-have. It makes it easier to shave your legs in the shower. It is better than shaving on the side of the tub because of the higher elevation and less risk of sliding. The shaving bar can also be used to wash your legs with more ease.


If you have a shower or are interested in switching from a tub to a shower, then investing in a shower seat is another bathroom must-have. Shower seats can be useful for different occasions, they can help keep babies upright in the bath so they can be washed easily and can help them feel more secure. Shower seats can prevent water from going into your nose and mouth and can make bathing easier for people with mobility or balance issues.


If you need help with mobility or balance in the shower then shower seats or grab bars are great choices for bathroom essentials. Grab bars can prevent slips and falls when in the shower and can also provide support for cleaning under your feet. Make sure to select the right material and weight for your specific needs if you decide to invest in a grab bar for the shower or beside the toilet.

Straight vs. Curved Curtain Rods

Investing in a new shower curtain can give your bathroom a more modern look but curtain rods are one of many great bathroom necessities to improve your bathroom project. Both straight and curved curtain rods are good for different situations and are great choices for bathroom must-haves. Curved rods can be a good choice for smaller showers and straight rods are a good option for standard showers or bath stalls. Even though straight shower curtains are more basic, they are easier to find and are less expensive than curved curtain rods. Straight curtain rods take up less space in the bathroom and they don’t take up any space outside of the shower.

Curved shower curtains on the other hand are great if you are looking for a more unique look for your bathroom. The benefits of a curved curtain are not only visual, there are also other benefits for a shower curtain rod which is why it is also considered a bathroom must-have. Curved curtain rods can provide more space inside the shower which can make a more cramped shower feel less cramped and can create the illusion of a bigger shower. Curved rods can also help keep water inside the shower and keep the shower curtain away from your body when showering. This can help keep the shower curtain from clinging to you.

Shower Doors

If you have a shower instead of a bathtub and you are looking for another alternative to shower curtains, then shower doors are one of the best bathroom necessities for you. Shower doors have a lot of pros that make them a bathroom must-have if you have a shower or if you want a tub for a shower exchange.


Pros to Shower Doors:

  • Keeps water inside the shower
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Let in more light
  • Makes the bathroom feel larger
  • Eliminates drafts

There are many customization options for shower doors with Advanced Window Systems. Let AWS help you choose an AWSome shower door for your bathroom. Check out our website for more information and to schedule your FREE estimate.

Wall & Ceiling Patterns

Changing your bathroom wall/ceiling patterns is important not only to make your bathroom feel more modern, but it also increases the home’s value, can reduce mold, and can increase energy efficiency. The amount of different options for changing your bathroom ceilings and walls make it a great edition for your bathroom project. If you are curious about which wall/designs and colors you can pick for your bathroom then you can visit the Advanced Window Systems website for more information.

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