Prepare for Spring with These Home Maintenance Tips

Prepare for Spring with These Home Maintenance Tips

Warmer days are creeping into the weather forecast. I don’t know about you, but here at AWS we’re thrilled to welcome spring. After months of frigid temperatures and little sun, no one wants to spend warm, sunny days doing chores. Now is the best time to take on some maintenance to get your home in good shape for the season to come.

Keep reading for your tips to jumpstart spring!

Start Cleaning Early

water bucket

54% of homeowners struggle to motivate themselves for spring cleaning. Get home maintenance done now, when your motivation isn’t distracted by nice weather.

Take advantage of the next cold day (you know, the kind that reminds you winter isn’t quite letting go) to stay inside and get stuff done.

Use these ideas to get started:

  • Faucets and Showerheads—Clean off build up with a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • Walls and Base Boards—Most people forget to clean these, but you’d be surprised how much fresher your home looks after a gentle wipe down.
  • Windows and Patio Doors—With sun streaming in, you’ll see how dirty the glass in your home is. Clearer glass means more light. With AWS windows, it’s easy to tilt in your sash and clean the outside as well.
  • Outlet and Switch Covers—Your family touches these daily, so they get grimy. Unscrew the covers and wash them in warm, soapy water. Make sure the covers are thoroughly dry before replacing.
  • Dust and Vacuum—Dust first and then vacuum so you can vacuum up any fallen dust.

Spruce Up Outdoors for Spring Relaxation

Once spring arrives in earnest, you’ll want to spend time outside. Give attention now to the home maintenance that will get your exterior ready.


Spring means rain. Clogged gutters make water back up and leak into your home, potentially causing thousands in damage. Clean them out before the rain begins to protect yourself.outdoor patio furniture to entertain friends and family

Patio Furniture and Grill

Scrub down these supplies before you want to use them. On a day when it’s above freezing, wipe them down so they’re prepared for your first outdoor hang out.

Other Home Maintenance to Keep You Safe

Each year 2,900 home dryers go up in flames. Cleaning out your dryer vent on the inside and the outside of your home is something you need to do frequently. This time of the year is perfect to do this, because you probably haven’t checked it in months.

While you’re outside, it’s a good opportunity to make sure any other vents near your foundation or on the outside of your home are free from debris.

You should also replace any necessary filters in your home. From major filters like the one in your air conditioner to the filter in your water pitcher, it’s time to ditch the built up dust and toxins and start anew for spring.

Welcome Spring with Open Arms

Here at AWS, we’re thrilled for spring to arrive. It means enjoying the outdoors again and not having to chip our cars out before work.

Getting home maintenance done early means enjoying spring faster.

If you want to take advantage of nice spring weather for your next home improvement project, contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you get it done!


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