How do I get the most out of my bathroom size

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Bathroom Size When Remodeling a Small Bathroom?

Redesigning your small bathroom or remodeling? What are some tips to get the most out of your bathroom size? Shower storage and design can include factors such as tile designs, door types and organizing. There are a couple of small shower ideas can get you the most out of your bathroom size. 

Mock walk-in shower image

With a small bathroom size, a remodel with a shower/tub replacement may be right for you

When it comes to bathroom size it can be difficult to decide on what can brighten up the room, so deciding on a replacement for your Tub/Shower could be a good decision. Don’t know whether or not you should get a tub/shower replacement and trying to remodel? Signs to typically look out for are:

  • Cracks

Don’t hesitate too much, it is time to replace your bath if you notice these signs. Cracks can be dangerous to deal with and can lead to some more issues down the line, eventually it can even lead to leaks.

  • Leaks

Leaks can be a big problem and a major sign that you might need to replace your bathtub if not checked for it can ruin the rest of the bathroom and create more water damage. Signs to find leakage can be a good amount of water near the base of your tub.

  • Stains

A lot of the time when looking to replace a bathtub or for shower replacements it can be due to stains. These are some of the easier problems to spot because when bathrooms are usually in lighter colors stains can stand out. When it comes to this, a shower replacement may be time because it can be a hassle constantly trying to remove stains so it would be easier to replace the whole model and save time.

Consider a walk-in shower

If you are remodeling a small washroom and need something that better suits your bathroom size, going from a tub to a shower may be more convenient for you. Showers typically take up less space and may give you the look you want to match your bathroom size.

Along with getting a tub replacement or converting to shower only, there are more pros. As mentioned, showers are great for making your bathroom size look a lot bigger. When remodeling you may be considering the small door less walk in shower idea because it gives the idea of more space, takes out your tub and fills out the gap, and shows off your tiles but why stop there? Adding shower doors can add more to the design of your bathroom and will give it a sleek look even for its size. Advanced Window Systems offers different variations of door finishes and types of glass (depending on your choice). Some include:

  • Liquid Accent Everest
  • Liquid Accent Aries 
  • Liquid Accent Glacier
  • And Cayman Double Slider
Cayman Double Slider Shower doors in bathroom

Each shower door comes with its own selection of finishes and Liquid Accent Glacier offers different glass types.

To get the most of your bathroom size you need to maximize bathroom space

A general way to maximize the bathroom size is to reduce the clutter and open up space, you can do so by having a designated location for your materials. The tub top or rim can be useful for holding many products, but it can add up fast. Consider shower storage to make the organization of your small bathroom look better, installation of a caddy or metal shelves can relieve your tub top of the mess. Advanced Window Systems offers accessories such as a caddy:

  • 4 shelf corner caddy 
  • Tower caddy
  • And even a soap dish
4 shelf shower caddy for shower/bathroom

Shower organizer ideas can include the accessories mentioned or if your needs for space isn’t as needed you can even consider getting metal shelving which offers another area for storage but not as much space. Some options offered for metal Shelving include:

  • A corner piece
  • L-shape corner piece 
  • And rectangle pieces
Metal shower corner piece for shower/bathroom

Whether you choose a caddy or metal shelf the cleanliness of your bathroom can go up by giving yourself these options. Shower storage can be important and not only for the space but for the convenience, keeping your items within an appropriate range of reach.

Small shower ideas and design options

Storage in the shower is important and when making the most of the bathroom size it’s best to do all you can with accessories such as mentioned before (caddy, shelves). But what else should you consider when it comes to your small bathroom? There are many tile ideas for small showers to consider. Wall and ceiling colors come in multiple types two that are offered are smooth and textured Advanced window systems offers a variety of colors in both categories some can include:

  • White
  • Biscuit
  • River Rock
  • Roman Stone
  • Etc.

Some recommended styles for your shower include tile sizes that are bigger. The space of the shower can seem extended a bit by getting big tile sizes some options could be: 

  • 12 x 12
  • 8 x 10
  • 6 x 6

Also, there are options to add more design to your shower with a diamond pattern which also can help with the image of your bathroom size and making it seem bigger than it is. 

With getting the most of your bathroom size, make your shower worth it and stand out with a different shower head. The Rain shower head can be a good idea for a small shower and maximizing space which you might not have much of, this shower head offers a good amount of coverage, and gives an even flow for an all-around good clean.

Bathroom black rain shower head

Another accessory that may be nice to have can be the slide bar & handheld shower head giving the user more options when it comes to bathing style. This shower head type can be perfect for small showers by not only giving the feature to adjust to the size or height you need, but by giving the user the range they may want and need.

bathroom slide bar & handheld shower head

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