What Can I Do With My Picture Window?

What Can I Do With My Picture Window?

Are you looking to replace the dated picture window or picture window unit in your home, but don’t know what to do with it? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’re going to go over the different options you have when looking to replace your picture window. If you’d like to skip ahead to a section you can use the links below!

What is the difference between a Picture Window and a Picture Window Unit?

A picture window is a single, fixed, unit of glass that CANNOT open or close. The glass is set in a frame, hence the name; picture. Whereas, a picture window unit has a fixed window in addition to functional windows on either side. A window is not a picture window if it opens if the window opens it is a casement window. This glass is set into the window and has no operational function. Units are mulled (sealed) together to make them an entire removable unit as opposed to three separate windows. This is why they are called a unit and not considered a single picture window and two double-hung windows.

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Picture Window Replacement

The size options of your replacement window are the size of your current picture window. Your options, due to size, for replacing your picture window include:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • 2 Lite Slider Windows
  • 2 Lite Casement Windows

Double Hung Window (DH)

Double Hung Window

Double-hung windows are the most common window we replace in homes. Double-hung windows operate by sliding up and down (vertically) and can come with either a half screen or full screen. They have easily removable sashes (glass with frame) for effortless cleaning. Double Hung windows are also great windows to use for window unit air conditioners as you can remove the bottom sash.

2 Lite Slider (2LS)

2lite slider replacement vinyl window

As opposed to sliding up and down (vertically) with a double a 2lite slider slides from side to side (horizontally). It is called a 2lite slider due to each of the two sashes (glass) being able slide open. These windows are typically used for openings that are wider than taller due to the width from the two sashes. This style is typically seen in condos and sunrooms.

2 Lite Casement (2LC)

2lite casement vinyl replacement window

A 2lite casement has two sashes side by side like the 2lite slider, but differs in the fact that these windows are crank out windows instead of sliding windows. A 2lite casement is when two casement or crank out windows are mulled (sealed) together into a single unit. This means that it is a single window unit and not two separate windows. Each sash has it’s own crank for operation meaning both can be open at the same time. One window opens to the left while the other opens to the right and each crank out to a 90-degree angle for ease of cleaning. These window units are typically used over a kitchen sink and in contemporary homes.

This is different from the 2lite slider and double hung where one sash ultimately covers the other sash while one is open. 2lite casement windows give you the freedom and airflow of both being open simultaneously.

Replacing Picture Window Unit

Due to the nature of Picture Window Units having a larger opening than a single Picture Window, there are a lot more options available for picture window replacement. For example, if your current window is 96 x 48 or 96 x 60 you have to then replace it with a window of the same dimensions.

  • Triple Double Hung Unit
  • 3 Lite Casement 1/4 1/2 1/4
  • 4 Lite Casement
  • 5 Lite Casement
  • 3 Lite Slider 1/3 1/2 1/3
  • 4 Lite Bow
  • 5 Lite Bow
  • Bay With Casements
  • Bay With Double Hungs

Triple Double Hung Unit

triple mulled double hung windows

Triple double-hung windows are made when you take three double-hung windows and mull them together into one unit. This makes these three windows a complete unit instead of three separate windows. These are typically used when replacing an existing replacement window.

3 Lite Casement 1/4 1/2 1/4

3lite casement replacement vinyl window

3 Lite casement (3LC) ¼ ½ ¼  is when 2 casement windows are mulled together with a picture window to make a complete unit. Each casement window is 25% of the space of the unit, the picture window is 50% of the space, totaling 100%. The picture window in the middle is a fixed window, while both sides are crank out windows and open to 90-degree angles. These units are typically found on the front of homes, condos, sunrooms, and in contemporary homes. Both end windows being able to completely open is a great way to make use of the natural airflow.

4 Lite Casement

4lite casement replacement vinyl window

A 4 lite casement window has four equally sized casement windows mulled together into a single unit. The two end units are typically crank out windows while the middle are fixed windows, although it can be made as fully operational for all windows. Each window that cranks out, go to a 90-degree angle to allow for easy cleaning.

5 Lite Casement

5 lite casement vinyl window

A 5 lite casement window has five equally sized casement windows mulled together into a single unit. It is similar to the 4 lite casement, in that the two end units are typically crank out windows while the middle three are fixed windows. However, it can be made as fully operational for all windows. Each window that cranks out goes to a 90-degree angle to allow for easy cleaning.

3 Lite Slider 1/4 1/2 1/4

3 lite slider replacement window

In addition to the 3 lite casement, a 3 lite slider has the same makeup of ¼ ½ ¼. In the 3 lite slider. the two end units that slide over the picture window in the middle make up 25% each and the picture window makes up 50% of the window. The sliders slide side to side (horizontally) over the picture window while the middle is a fixed window. This window unit is typically found in the front of homes, condos, sunrooms, and contemporary homes.

Bay Window & Bow Window

Picture window replacement windows include both bay and bow windows are made of unfinished furniture grade birchwood that needs to be treated and stained or painted by the homeowner. The reason these need to be treated by the homeowner is because of the size of the window and how they are installed. Bay and bow windows are installed as new construction windows which require removing the entire existing window and frame. They are then set into the existing opening as a unit. Both windows bow out of the house and add a nice addition to the interior of the room.

4 Lite Bow

4 lite bow replacement window

A 4 lite bow has four windows mulled together into one frame to make a bow unit. It has four equally sized casement windows. One of the options of a 4 lite bow is to have all four windows operate as a crank-out window or have the end units operate as crank-out windows and the middle two windows be fixed.

5 Lite Bow

5 lite bow replacement window

A 5 lite bow has five windows mulled together into one frame to make a bow unit. It has five equally sized casement windows. You have the option of deciding which windows operate as crank out windows and which are fixed.

Bay With Casements

bay with casement window replacement

As mentioned above bay windows are new construction windows. Bay windows with casement have a fixed middle picture window and operational crank out windows on the end units. The end units are each typically 25% of the window while the picture window is 50%.

Bay With Double Hung’s

replacement bay window with double hung

A bay with double-hung is a new construction window as well and differs by framing the picture window with double-hung windows. Double-hung windows slide up and down (vertically) and have easily removable sashes for cleaning. The end units are each typically 25% of the window while the picture window is 50%.


Once you’ve decided what type of window you’d like to replace your picture window yet, your close to the finish, but not done yet. There are a few other things you need to consider when buying a new replacement window.

You can style the window with grids or no grids. Check out our other post going over which is better for your home.

You can get replacement windows in colors other than white. Typically if you are only replacing one window out of the many on the house you want to keep with the same color exterior window, but if you replacing them all you have numerous options on window color. And finally you have to decide what trim you’d like on your window. Check out our blog on deciding what window trim is right for your home!

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