Roof Replacement: How Putting It Off Can Hurt Your Home

Roof Replacement: How Putting It Off Can Hurt Your Home

A roof replacement isn’t exactly the most exciting item on your home to-do list. You might be tempted to put your attention towards a project that’s more “fun,” like re-decorating your living room. Since a roof isn’t the cheapest project, you might be looking for reasons to delay it. But putting off new roofing can lead to serious costs and damages for your home down the line. Today, we’ll go over what can happen if you postpone your replacement and how it can actually fit your budget.

new roof replacement

Energy Through the Roof

A roof that needs replacing usually means poor roof ventilation.

As we explained in our post about roof ventilation, when it doesn’t work well, you get moisture and heat trapped in your attic.

That moisture and heat makes your energy bills shoot “through the roof” in the summer and winter.

During winter, the moisture condensates and runs down your walls, into your insulation. This makes your insulation less efficient. That’ll have you turning up your heat to stay comfortable.

adjusting thermostat

Woman Adjusting Thermostat On Central Heating Control

In the summer, the attic gets so hot that it heats the rooms on the upper floors of your house. Unless you enjoy sweating through the night, you’ll turn down the temperature on that AC.

When your bills are higher, you’ll probably want to avoid spending money on a roof. But that roof can actually lower those bills.

Ugly from the Outside and Inside

Have you ever driven past a house with shingles that were lifting or falling off? What about one with black streaks covering the roof?

The roof makes up such a large part of a home’s appearance that these issues usually make the house as a whole look run down. And this might be your house.

Damaged Roof

The damage a bad roof does to your home’s aesthetic isn’t limited to your home’s exterior.

Poor ventilation or a leak in your roof can cause water to run down your walls, creating ugly spots of water damage and peeling paint.

Structural Damage Beyond a Roof Replacement Fix

Of course, the aesthetic damage caused by a leak is only the tip of the iceberg. Major structural damage is always a possibility when you have water where it shouldn’t be.

Water can cause the wood of your home’s structure to rot and become weak. It can also cause harmful mold to grow.

Water damage in ceiling

Water leak, home problems

Both of those problems cost thousands to fix and put your family in serious danger. In fact, between 2012 and 2016, the average claim to fix water damage was $9,633.

And if you put off a roof replacement and end up with this damage, you’re going to have to pay for more than a roof to fix it.

So essentially, you’re only making it more expensive.

Amazing Product at a Reasonable Price

A roof replacement doesn’t need to break your bank or your home if you work with the right company. And replacing it now instead of putting it off can save you a lot of damage and money.

At Advanced Window Systems, our team is dedicated to providing a high-quality product at a reasonable price. Plus, we offer financing options to fit your needs.

If you want to replace your roof, contact us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.


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