Safe door or stylish door or both?

Safe Door or Stylish Door or Both?

The door is the one of the most important features of the house. It brings both style and security to your home and yet it is one of the most difficult decisions that homeowner must make. Well, with the recent developments of the home improvement industry, choosing a door that matches your vibe and a safe door that would make your house secured is easier than ever. Let’s see what some of these features are.


Aluminum door frame

Anatomy of a door and a door frame

If you are interested in latest door trends other than traditional wooden doors, aluminum door frames and doors are your best bet. A door frame is the framework that supports the door. The door frame is installed to the wall first then the door is attached to the frame later. It basically is the part that holds the door to the house. The door frame contains parts as hinge, casing (frame), hinge stile, stop, jamb etc. Traditionally, wooden door frames and doors have been used but nowadays, composite materials, fiberglass, and aluminum which are more durable are also used. When it come to a safe door, door frame plays a key role. Depending on the manufacturer and model, some of these aluminum door frames may include, but not limited to, features such as,

Aluminum door frame
  • 20 Gauge security plate
  • Door stops
  • Welded thick l-frame and hinge plates

20 Gauge security plate is an added feature specially to prevent break ins. Welded I-frames and hinge plates also provide structural integrity and extra security. These improvements have been industry tested and proven to be effective.

Aluminum Door

Homeowners can consider replacing your existing door with an aluminum door. Some these doors may include, but not limited to, state of the art features like,

  • Thick hinge and strike side stiles
  • Reinforced lock areas
  • Built with Heavy duty material
  • Specially engineered fiberglass door facings

Thick hinge and strike stiles ensure the solid and integrated frame and structure. Locks areas are reinforced to counter break in and to provide solid mounting surface for decorative hardware. Made with high performance composite materials to give excellent rot resistance and strength. The fiberglass door faces can prevent denting and splitting, cracking and warping.

Keep in mind that the availability of above features depends on the manufacturers and door model.

Steel Door

Are you still not satisfied about the aluminum door safety? Then try a steel door. These doors are,

Steel entry door
  • One continuous piece of steel
  • Composite bottom end caps
  • Rigid composite lock block

Using one continuous piece of steel is the best way to make sure 100 percent structural integrity of the door. It is the same technique used when manufacturing concrete beams used in building construction. When the whole object is made with one continuous piece, it is less likely to break to pieces. Composite bottom end caps also increase rigidity. Rigid lock block reinforces the lock and deadbolt areas, adding an extra layer of security.

There are still some more tips and add-ons you can utilize to increase the security and the privacy of your home.

  • Doors without glasses for increased privacy and less breakable parts on the door but if you still want to add glasses to the door, you can add privacy glasses and quad glass systems depending on the door.
  • Add a Kickplates to prevent kick ins.
  • Install a Multipoint locking system.

Which is better, Aluminum or Steel?

Steel entry door

As for all things life, there are pros and cons for using steel or aluminum for your door. Stainless steel doors are much more durable and stronger than aluminum doors. Stainless-steel door is the best option for you if you live in or around of a high crime neighborhood since a steel door is a good visual deterrent for potential thieves and burglars. Some of these doors comes with third party certification tested for security. It also has a high resistance to corrosion since they contain chromium which offers anti corrosion properties. As for energy saving, steel doors are highly efficient and less maintenance cost if you purchased a good quality product.

Aluminum entry door

On the other hand, Aluminum doors are lightweight doors and can be installed anywhere. They are indeed much less strong than steel doors but do not underestimate its strength. Modern aluminum doors are made with high performance composite materials that are being also used in many other industries such as medical, military, aerospace etc. Thus, their strength is exceptionally certified repeatedly. Aluminum itself is more malleable and highly versatile metal than steel so it is easier to customize to aluminum door than a steel door. They are typically energy efficient depending on the glazing and they are low maintenance if not fully glazed and if not in a marine environment. They can be more expensive than steel doors depending on the variations.


All aluminum doors, steel doors and aluminum door frames are highly customizable, which means you can have that dream door you always wanted that tells your story to the world with no obstacle. Customize option include but not limited to, the color, door style, door dimensions, material, glasses, decoration, accessories etc.

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