Should You Have a Tub Shower Combo?

Should You Have a Tub Shower Combo?

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When trying to make a decision in your bathroom for your washing needs there are a lot of factors that you are going to have to consider. What is the size of the area you want a shower/tub? What do you prefer to use in your daily life? Most importantly, can this all come at an affordable price but still produce quality results? This article should give some insight and help you make the most informed and correct decision whether it is a tub shower combo or shower only.

Measurements and Dimensions

Well, for starters, the measurement question needs to be answered first so you can gauge what your options are. If you have anything less than 48 inches of space for length, then there is no possibility of having a shower with a tub and stand-up showers are required.

The minimum for shower only is 30 inches so if space is a little cramped then there are still options available for you. When looking at depth there needs to be at least 28 inches from the back stud to the front to have any sort of installation option. The maximum depth for a tub is 34 inches and the maximum depth for a shower is 48 inches. The maximum length for a tub is 66 inches and the maximum length for a shower is 72 inches.

If you have a larger area for the unit then the shower only option is more feasible so there is no empty space to give the bathroom a more pleasant aesthetic.  Essentially there is no wrong choice when deciding between the tub shower combo or the shower only, but the measurements have limitations so once your area has been measured then it is time to start deciding what works best for you.

Measuring Tape
Getting exact measurements is essential

Preference and Usage

What do you find yourself doing more often, showering or washing in the tub? Most Americans would say they find themselves showering more but at the same time most people also want their bathroom to also have the shower tub combo. A huge consideration point is water usage because a shower only uses around 1/2 as much water as a tub does according to Not only is it the more eco friendly choice but it also will save money off the water bill at the end of the month.

If you have a pet or plan on getting a pet, it is much easier to clean them in the tub then it is in the shower or sink. One last point is that a house with a bathroom that has a shower tub combo will have a higher resale value so if you plan on selling in the future or just want your asset value to increase, this might be the right option for you.

Price and Customization

The price of the shower tub combo or shower only is completely dependent on what you want exactly. Obviously the first point in price consideration is the dimensions of your area. Then the choice between color and style on the base, walls, and ceiling (White, Biscuit, Sandbar, Gray, Almond, Basket Weave, Brecchia, Travertine, Maderia Granite, River Rock, Roman Stone, and Silver White Marble). Next is the door which has a few options with varying finishes and glass. Lastly there are differing shower mixers and shower fixtures that also have varying finishes. All these chosen elements above will allow you to have a personalized shower/tub of your dreams at an affordable price. No two projects are the same so every request from the customer is executed to perfection giving you a unique and flawless bathroom.

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