Which Replacement Shower Head is best for my new Replacement Shower?

Which Replacement Shower Head is best for my new Replacement Shower?

Are you looking to replace your old shower, but aren’t sure which replacement shower head will be best?  We’re here today to take you through the types of replacement shower heads,  and which replacement shower head and replacement shower arm will fit your needs best.

Rain Shower and Handheld Shower Head

The main types of replacement shower heads you can add to your shower are the Rain shower and Handheld shower head. Handheld shower heads are best if you prefer to sit in the shower, as they allow you to clean your whole body without moving. Handheld shower heads also offer the best savings on water bills since a handheld shower head conserves the maximum amount of water. The best Handheld shower head will allow you to comfortably shower in luxury while also saving money. If the Handheld shower head isn’t exactly your cup of tea, consider opting for the Rain Shower Head. The Rain shower head makes hands free showering easy, as the water is easily directed onto your body. You also get a relaxing spa-like feel as the shower simulates the feeling of rain. Though many opt to install the Rain shower head in the ceiling, this can also pose extra costs, as it usually requires a rerouting of plumbing, and isn’t the best for smaller showers. A fixed Rain shower head is a much cheaper and more convenient alternative to the Rain shower head in the ceiling, as it offers the same product with much less hassle. 

Replacement Shower Arm


In addition to the Rain Shower and Handheld Shower Head, you must also consider the replacement shower arm when building your new bathtub. The 2 main types to consider for your replacement shower arm are the Eva series and Align series. These both work better if you are building a bathtub and shower rather than just a shower, since they offer a faucet as well as a fixed shower head. The align series offers a sleeker look while the Eva series is a much more traditional bathtub. Both are excellent options for building a new bathtub.

Shower Colors

What color is best for your shower head? Depending on the feel you want to go for, there are several recommendations for the best colors to have on your shower heads. The Oil Rub Bronze gives off a vintage rustic look. If you’re going for a more sleek modern look, a Brushed Nickel shower head will fit perfectly. A Chrome shower head also offers a modern look, but with a heavier base.


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