Siding Options & Why Vinyl Is the Best Choice

Siding Options & Why Vinyl Is the Best Choice

Looking to kick up your home’s curb appeal? Installing new siding is a great way to refresh your home’s appearance while increasing its value. There are many different materials, all of which have varying benefits, so it’s up to you to decide which is the right choice for your house. Water resistance, energy efficiency and durability are just some of the few aspects you should look at when choosing new siding.

siding ctStucco Siding: One of the most reasonably priced siding materials, stucco is made of a combination of cement, sand and lime mixture. During installation it can be shaped or textured to any style home, which brings an added feature to the exterior. Stucco also provides excellent insulation value and decreases the cost of utility bills. And while it can last up to 50 years, stucco does require some maintenance to help protect your home from the elements. Stucco does not keep water out well during heavy rain storms and the material is brittle, so it will not flex with your house as easily as other materials do.

Brick Siding: With a pricey cost of $6-12 per square foot, brick siding requires little maintenance and is extremely durable against all types of weather, lasting more than 50 years. One of its major drawbacks is water can often seep in between the bricks overtime, so a water membrane is often installed to prevent this, which adds to the cost.

Fiber Cement Siding: Fiber cement is one material that can take on the appearance of wood and give your home that upscale look while keeping the cost down. It is durable, termite-proof, and prevents fires from spreading, with a life of almost 50 years. However, to keep the siding looking its best, it is a good idea to repaint the material every 10 years or so.

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Wood Siding: Wood is one of the most preferred types of siding because it gives your house a rich and distinguished appearance. All the same, many homeowners turn away from it due to the maintenance requirement and high price tag. Wood expands and contracts easily, leading to splitting and cracking, so it needs to be repainted or resealed every few years to keep its 50 year lifespan. With newer and more advanced manufacturing technologies, other materials can mimic the appearance of wood without any of its drawbacks, so these are often more popular options.

Vinyl Siding: Vinyl is one of the most popular materials on the market and there are endless reasons as to why. Panels are extremely resistant to cracking, impact, and contraction and expansion due to heat. Vinyl also provides great insulation for your home, which keeps heat inside during the winter and blocks thermal heat from entering in the summer. Moreover, the manufacturing of vinyl requires less energy than other materials, like brick and fiber cement, so there is less damage done to the environment. Vinyl is also the most budget-friendly material, with a price tag of about $2-3 per square foot. One final benefit of vinyl siding is that it is customizable to any home. It has the ability to look like cedar boards or wood shingles and also comes in a variety of colors to match your home’s appearance.

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