The Best Blinds For Your Window

The Best Blinds For Your Window

Some people have a hard time choosing the right shade for their north, south, east, or west facing window. Or some just pick something pretty and have a hard time sleeping later.  This blog is here to help you decide what blinds would work best for you, your window, as well as your lifestyle.

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect adults.  We don’t know what types of windows we have, nor do we know what blinds are what.  That’s okay, you’re not alone, this blog should hopefully help.

How to tell where your window faces

Think about the windows in your home.  Try to think of where you can see the sun rise or set.  Once you know that one or two windows you can figure out the orientation of your home.  Remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  Then all you must do is look at or remember a compass then you have the orientation of all your windows!

Cordless shades

Recommended shades

Cordless shades are arguably the best type of shade.  They are safe for children and pets. These are easier to use with little error and they tend to filter more light than traditional plastic/metal shades.  I personally like to pair my shade with some curtains for some lighting options.  You might also want curtains because light can come through the sides of the blinds and get you right in the face while you’re sleeping.

Honeycomb shades are my personal favorite style of shade as they filter more light then say a bamboo shade. It depends on the feel of your room and what you want it to look like.  Shades themselves can come in total blackout filtering. However, you might want a lighter filtering shade matched with a blackout curtain to keep your options open. Especially if you work a schedule that is all over the place that requires you to work overnights some days or mid-day other times.  Some people find it hard to sleep in the mornings if it is too bright in their room.  Our bodies are very particular and to get a good sleep we must abide by its rules, one of these rules is that if it’s too bright, your body wants to get up and work, even if you just worked all night long.  For those who can’t work a 9-5 and work forces you to work unnatural times, your room not being dark enough might be a reason that you aren’t sleeping well.

Honeycomb blinds

Your windows

North facing windows

North facing windows don’t get very much direct light during the day. This means that they do not need much for light filtering blinds.  This is the best window to have to get overall lighting in your house or room all day.  This window you would want to match with the other blinds in the room to ensure privacy at night, but it is not necessary to think of how much light will come through.  This amount of light should not affect your sleep.

South facing windows

South facing windows really depend on where you live.  These windows get a lot of light during the winter seasons.  If you live where you do not experience winter, these windows act just like north facing windows in which you only need to match the rest of the blinds in the room or house, however you please.  However, if you live somewhere where you experience winter, these windows will give you a lot of direct light during the day.  If you work 3rd shift, or plan on sleeping during the day, you will for sure want blackout curtains for these windows as a lot of light comes in.  During the summer, however, you may want to opt for a combination of blackout blinds and not as dark curtains to keep your options open.

Sun diagram

East windows

East facing windows are where you need to know yourself.  If you are not a morning person and do not like waking up early, heavy filtration is recommended as the sun will beat into your room early morning disturbing your sleep.  If you are a morning person and wake up with the sun these windows will not require much filtration and a lighter filtration may help you to wake up more progressively, feeling more rested.

West windows

West facing windows are again where you need to know yourself.  If you stay up past sunset, you do not need to worry about these windows and can treat them as you would any north window.  However, if you have a TV in the vicinity of the window, it might create a glare.  In this case you would want some blinds, but it is not too imperative on what type.  If you sleep early before the sun sets you will want some blackout curtains as the light at this time is quite bright making it hard to fall asleep.

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Written by: Tabatha Karlowicz



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