The Traditional Connecticut Home: Exterior Style Guide

The Traditional Connecticut Home: Exterior Style Guide

Are you trying to achieve the look of a traditional Connecticut home? Updating the exterior of your home is an investment, so you want a look that will withstand the test of time. A colonial is definitely the most common and classic style of home in Connecticut, but you can get the traditional look with any style of home. Let’s discuss window, siding, and door options for a traditional Connecticut home.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Traditional connecticut home with white siding, shutters, nice landscaping

For a traditional Connecticut home, window style is important! A home with lots of windows is very classic looking. Some windows have grids which are the vertical and horizontal lines you see going through a window. Windows with grids definitely give the home a more traditional look. Today window grids are purely for aesthetic purposes, but they actually look more traditional because they used to have a function. Window grids exist because early residents of the colonies used pieces of wood to hold smaller pieces of glass together to make full sized windows.

Shutters! Shutters also used to have more function historically than they do today. The first shutters even came before glass windows. This is a reason why they look very traditional and timeless. They make a home and windows look more complete and there are so many options to choose from. Dark shutters on a light color house is typical for a traditional Connecticut home.

Another thing to note is window style. Classic, double hung windows will look great. In the photo above is a bay window, which is a great accent window to add to your traditional style home. We think it looks great above of a kitchen sink from the inside of the home, as it adds a perfect lookout spot and provides a lot of light.


Siding can be done in so many ways for this style of home, but keep it simple! Vinyl siding looks great and has so many benefits. Vinyl siding is energy efficient, durable, and maintenance free. As far as color, we suggest going with a lighter color siding but sometimes a darker blue or red looks traditional too. White, gray, or tan are also great options – be sure to pick a color for your shutters and door that compliments it. We also think brick goes with the style of traditional Connecticut homes, but it can be very expensive. The home in the photo below has a combination of vinyl siding and brick and looks very classic! If your home already has some brick, keep it! But if not, keep it simple with vinyl siding.

A large custom built luxury house in a residential neighborhood.  This high end home is a very nicely landscaped property.

An employee cuts siding to the required size 2019


Our doors are custom built and handcrafted for one homeowner, so your front door is fully customizable. The decorative glass is also fully customizable, as well as the finish and style of wood. With that being said, have some fun with the front door! For the traditional Connecticut home, obviously don’t choose anything too modern. We suggest a dark or natural wood door, but it depends on the color siding you choose. Sometimes a red door looks so classic on a white house – so it’s up to you! If space allows, we think a double front door looks best.

Traditional wood double front door


Landscaping is key to making a house look like a home. Lots of green makes a home look timeless. So, take care of your grass and add lots of plants! Boxwoods look great out front of a traditional Connecticut home, but get creative with what you plant! Make sure you always keep it well-kept because clean landscaping will never go out of style.

brick house with white siding

white siding traditional colonial


Sometimes it’s the little things that make a home look timeless. It can be as simple as adding an American flag to make your traditional Connecticut home look classic and complete. Another timeless detail is a white fence. The white picket fence is a classic element of any American home, and will look great with all the other elements of a traditional Connecticut home that we discussed.

Home with american flag and white picket fence

Before and After

Here’s an example of a home in Connecticut that AWS transformed, giving it a more traditional look.

outdated brown house

gray house with vinyl siding

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Written by Claire Butler


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