Vinyl Siding Installation: Using GreenGuard Backerboards

Vinyl Siding Installation: Using GreenGuard Backerboards

Thinking of having your home renewed with vinyl siding? Vinyl siding is the most popular exterior-cladding choice on the market for new homes in the United States. Very few critics can complain about the durability and variety of today’s vinyl products and homeowners couldn’t agree more. Unlike other cladding materials, vinyl siding doesn’t warp, crack, or deteriorate over time. Vinyl siding has a low cost installation, and low maintenance benefits, that have won customers over left and right; Even professional remodelers are recommending vinyl siding to their clientele. One of the leading reasons why vinyl siding has become a major player in today’s home exterior market is due to its green qualities, and backerboards help you achieve it.

What is a Backerboard?

Backerboards are used in a variety of home improvement projects from wood flooring and tiling to home exteriors. Backerboards are used to improve a home’s energy efficiency, and to reduce damage from moisture. Backerboards are placed over the original siding to create a flat surface to attach the new vinyl siding to. They are also used in the installation of vinyl siding as added or extra insulation for your home. Backerboards come in different materials including cement or foam.

Why we use GreenGuard products

The durability of your home can be a worrisome issue for any homeowner. One of the main causes for home decay is water. Rain and snow are constantly battling against your home, and can have many negative effects. GreenGuard focuses on the preservation of your home through water managed wall practices. By minimizing water impact with backerboards you can protect your home from water damage, mold, mildew, and rot.

GreenGuard products help you to meet green building requirements and ensures cost-effectiveness. GreenGuard is a company committed to providing its customers with durable and reliable building products to fit any home improvement project. Their backerboard products are designed to protect your home against moisture infiltration and to help reduce energy consumption.

Energy consumption can be costly for new and experienced homeowners. GreenGuard works with you to help increase your energy efficiency. GreenGuard’s products target energy consumption of the home exterior cladding materials by:

  • Understanding the thermal resistance properties of different wall components
  •  Sealing cracks and damages to vinyl siding
  •  Insulating the exterior of the wall to keep your heat inside your home
  • Reducing air infiltration by sealing cracks and crevices
  • Keeping the wall free from moisture and water damage

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