Vinyl Siding Styles

Vinyl Siding Styles

Many homeowners choose to install vinyl siding on their homes because of its low cost, easy installation, low maintenance, and durability. Vinyl siding has also become America’s most popular siding choice due to its variety of styles and colors. Vinyl siding comes in more styles and profiles than any other cladding material on the market, and with upwards of 300 color choices how could you go wrong?

As a CT vinyl siding company, we know that if maintained properly, vinyl siding can last on your home for more than 20 years. When you choose a style for your vinyl siding choose a style and color that you will love for years to come.

Creating a Distinct Look

One of the greatest features of the variety of options you have with vinyl siding styles, is the opportunity to create a distinct and designer look for your home. Vinyl siding comes in styles such as: horizontal and vertical panels, shakes, shingles, fish scales, lap, and beaded designs. Be inspired; a vinyl siding project gives you the chance to put your own stamp of originality and taste on your home. Don’t be afraid to choose more than one style to give your home a customized look that will make it stand out!

Vertical Vinyl Siding

Vertical vinyl siding is a non conventional alternative to the horizontal vinyl siding pattern. Board and batten is one of the most common types of vertical siding. This pattern uses panels that alternate thin and thick vertical strips giving the appearance of wood planks cut to various widths. Vertical vinyl siding can give homes a more unique and modern look when used as an accent, or a classic and traditional look when paired with a wood grain finish. As an accent, vertical vinyl siding is a great way to highlight entrances, gables, and windows. Many homeowners use this practice to add personality and character to their home.

Horizontal Vinyl Siding

Horizontal vinyl siding is the siding options that most homeowners are familiar with, and the most commonly used on residential homes. The paneling goes across the width of the home contrary to vertical vinyl siding which goes up and down. Horizontal vinyl siding generally has the most style options for your home including scalloped shapes, shingles, or the traditional plank panels. Horizontal vinyl siding has a timeless look that homeowners will never grow tired of. Many homeowners choose horizontal vinyl siding for its traditional feel and style.

Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding

A lot of homeowners love the look of new cedar shingles, but over time they grow frustrated by the weathering, cost of replacement, and seemingly endless maintenance costs. Now, homeowners are choosing vinyl siding to create the same look as cedar shake without all the headaches. Cedar shake vinyl siding is most often used as an accent in a combination with other styles of vinyl siding, and is loved for its traditional New England summer home look. This style option is perfect for any homeowner looking to add a warm and welcoming appeal to their home.

Shingle Vinyl Siding

Shingle siding is a style that was widely used in Victorian era homes, and gives an appearance similar to that of roof shingles. Shingle vinyl siding can come in a variety of colors, painted tones, or natural wood finishes. You can choose from staggered shingle vinyl siding, for a bold, textured, and rustic look, or half round/scallop vinyl siding for a charming appeal. Many homeowners use shingle vinyl siding to accent gables on their homes for a personal touch.

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