What are the Differences between Vinyl and Wood Windows?

What are the Differences between Vinyl and Wood Windows?

Vinyl windows are made largely of high-quality extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC).  Though, other muted colors are available, white vinyl tends to be the most popular. Vinyl replacement windows never need painting or sealing, therefore maintenance is very low.

Wood windows are usually wood on the interior and extruded aluminum, PVC or fiberglass on the exterior.  The wood can be stained, primed, painted or left alone, keeping the natural wood color as the finish.  Wood windows must be painted or sealed, not just at the time of installation, but throughout their lifetime.  Painting wood windows is a very exact task and must be done frequently. Maintenance is much higher with wood than with vinyl windows.

Both vinyl and wood windows come in different styles.  One style of window is called a double hung, which has a tilt-in feature that simplifies cleaning for any homeowner.

If you currently have wood windows and are looking to replace them with thermal vinyl, while keeping the charm of your home, vinyl windows with a veneer wood finish could be the answer.

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