What are the Different Styles of Replacement Windows?

What are the Different Styles of Replacement Windows?

There are several different styles of replacement windows to choose from when making home improvement decisions on your property. Hopefully this guide helps you understand the difference between them. If you’re looking for more information visit our website or call us! We’d love to help

Styles of Replacement Windows

  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Slider
  • Picture
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Garden
  • Awning
  • Hopper
  • Geometrically Shaped
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Single hung windows has two sashes.  The top sash is in a fixed, in-operable position and does not move or tilt in, while the bottom sash is completely operable.

Double hung windows has two sashes that are completely operable, meaning they both move up and down and can both tilt in for easing cleaning.  Twin Double Hung Units and Triple Double Hung Units are just that.  Units that have two or three double hung windows next to each other creating one unit.  Double hung windows tend to be the more popular style for residential properties.

Casement windows are more commonly called crank out windows.  These windows have a crank handle that swings the window outward.  The window pane is hinged on one side and swings out from the other.  They are available in single pane (1-Lite) or multiple pane (2-Lite, 3-Lite, 4-Lite and 5-Lite) units.

Slider windows are windows that slide open by gliding the panes back and forth on a track in the window frame.  There are single sliders, where only one sash is operable.  There are also 2-Lite sliders, where both sashes are operable and move back forth and 3-Lite sliders, where the two outer sashes slide along the track and the middle pane acts as a stationary picture window.

Picture windows are windows that contain an in-operable single pane of glass.  This window does not open or close.  Size may vary from a small basement picture window to a large living room picture window. This is a great idea to add more visible light without any additional ventilation, like you would in a large entry way of a home or a living room area. When combining a picture window with other styles such as double hung windows (picture window unit), it can create a great balance of visible light and excess ventilation.

Bay and bow windows create an open feel in the home and allows for light to stream in from multiple angles.  These styles of windows can add a lot of character and uniqueness to any home.  The sides of the window can be opened, as well, for more ventilation.  Bay windows protrude from the home in a more angular fashion while bow windows protrude from the home in a more circular fashion.

Garden windows are typically found in the kitchens of residential homes.  Homeowners tend to grow flowers and plants on the insulated seat boards of these windows or even place small nick knacks.  These windows, like bays and bows, protrude outward from the home.

Awning windows provide ventilation while preventing rain from entering the home. Awning windows offer beauty, charm and versatility. Hinged at the top of the frame, they move outward and upward from the bottom.

Hopper windows are typically used in basements.  These style of windows is used when there is limited space available and the need for ventilation is required.  The window pane is hinged at the bottom and swings inward toward the home.  There is also an dryer vent option that is usually available.  The vent is recessed for added protection from the weather and is designed to keep insects, rodents, and cold air outside of the home.

Geometrically shaped windows, such as Half Circle, Quarter Circle, Octagon, Trapezoid and Eyebrow can bring character to a home.  All of these windows serve as picture windows, allowing excess visible light to shine through an interesting shape.

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